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Argh, FMA just hooked me in AGAIN. I can't believe it. I'm a complete sucker for such storylines. I'm not only re-reading the manga series, or at least up to what we have, which is like... 8 books behind the series currently, I'm watching remake of the anime as well, currently up to episode 5, and the worst is not yet out. I'm also finding fanfiction and meta posts. I most likely cannot sit through a lecture of Herland/Brave New World without going, 'Dude, this book is boring, yada yada yada' but I can read entire essays on the homunculi as well as characterizations on FMA.
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I finally caved and watched Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. AND THE ANGST AND DRAMA... *flails about in a mess*. Damn it, I knew it was going to be that sad and painful, but here I am again, voluntarily watching it and going on the same ride that I had taken a few years ago.

The first series had 51 episodes, and a different storyline from the original manga. I'm not sure how this one will turn out but I really hope there's a proper happy ending this time. I don't think I can handle it if all the terrible events continued to worsen and the Elric brothers don't get what they deserved in the end. D: 

I'm currently only on the 2nd episode and already... the angst... it can only get worse, but I don't think it will be as terrible as the original. I mean, the whole flashback to the past where Ed and Al broke the taboo on human transmuation and paid the price... it was already quite toned down as compared to the first series where I remembered I sort of cried... because I'm a inner wuss like that...

Oh well, there's always fanfiction... where we can all manipulate stuff to our own liking and I frankly for one am looking forward to reading meta posts by other more indepth researchers, haha.

In other news, have been overdosing on Torchwood fanfics... to the extent that I'm neglecting my literature assignment... as well as adding new memories to the Torchwood sections. To think that I was originally nosing around for Supernatural stuff instead, haha.

Also, internet has been ungodly SLOW today. Wtf, really. Even without my brother being home to eat up the bandwidth, I find that loading my email can take up to 5 minutes before it times out and I got to keep refreshing the bloody page. Gah.
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[01] got caught up to speed with the current th wank... apparently, the twins are being stalked by a group of aggressive and crazy fangirls who are acting really irrationally and beyond immature. But they are generally A LOT of publicity. And that's my take...

[02] THIS is made of win! I want to watch Avatar, with a proper cast, not one where I'll make disparaging comments at the screen. And also why I won't even think about watching the Dragonball or Street Fighter movie. Gah.

[03] Blood+ movie! :DDDD I saw the trailer while waiting to catch 17 Again. I think it's airing only in June, but that's alright! XD

[04] Thinking of finally re-watching X Family, since I never finished it and I wouldn't mind marathoning all 55 episodes just to see Jiro and Danson. <3

[05] On the anime side, I'm very very pleased with 07-Ghost. Really, the music is pretty decent too. Things are making much more sense to me as well, because I don't really get the chinese translation in the manga. Lol.

[06] Speaking of manga, DOGS is brilliant! Just started on volume 1 and it's full of everything that I like: violence, hot guys, humor, bad attitude, gangs, science experiments and revenge plots, the list could go on! I couldn't find it in Kino though... and it didn't start at volume 1 in Comic Connection. T.T

[07] Spotted an advertisment for the Merlin DVD in Lot One. But I couldn't find it... lol. Think I need to go ask the shop assistant... but the store was too crowded the other day. Yeah. And I had two fics to rec... but I closed the tabs already... D:

[08] MYV has a new site! :D That dear boy is certainly going at it fullspeed, eh.
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[livejournal.com profile] solanyxe  parodies some pop culture in her merlin fanfic. Which had me cracking me totally even while I'm sick and tired. :D

this really clinched it for me:

Merlin: “I know what you are. You’re impossibly fast. And strong. Your skin is pale-white and your behaviour is now ice-cold, now fire-hot. You know, your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash. You don’t go out into the sunlight without dragging me with you.”

Arthur: “Say it. Say it out loud.”

Merlin: “A prat.”

Arthur: “Are you afraid?”

Merlin: “No.”
(familiar much? XD)

And I think I sort of got up to speed with my current affairs, in my own personal sphere as well as in the world. I sort of like speed read through an entire stack of newspapers and it took me like frigging four hours?! Granted, I was yawning and listening to music, but still, that was one giant stack of papers. I also filed up all my history stuff, but I still can't locate my national unity tutorial list... and I found that I have no more space to put my lecture notes in the file... so I had to separate between notes and tutorials and let's just say that my filing skills are terrible. Cos I keep misplacing all my stuff~!

Bought a new manga, it's called 07-Ghost, in which I had very little inkling of the storyline, but I mainly bought it because I liked the cover. Like, shallow, much? Think I shall start reading it tomorrow, since there seems to be quite a lot of breaks in between.

Argh, there's still econs though...

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Gackt sama turns 468 today! XD

Yeah, that's not his real age of course. I think he's in his mid thirties already, but damn, is he still a fine piece of man.
Of course, the added bonus that he used to introduce himself as a vampire just makes him even more appealing.
And Bunraku is done filming. Can't wait to see Gackt in Hollywood. I mean, damn, he's going to gain even more fans and he'll never ever come to our part of Asia.

Okay, so I could have gone on rambling about everything on Gackt-sama, but... too sleepy to make futher sense. Besides, my spelling has gotten worse thanks to the tiredness, so no point writing more when it's bad.


Jun. 20th, 2008 11:56 pm
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Oh dear, oh dear. Just when I thought I was falling off the HP bandwagon. I mean, now that DH is out, my OTP is gone, since Malfoy and Potter have officially gone separate ways and sired kids along the way. Until they give us Albus Potter (my gods, that's a dreadful name to be saddled with. It adds like... 30 years to your age...) and Scorpius Malfoy (... >.> I see the pattern.) Now that H/D is gone... I discovered Albus/Scorpius, more affectionally known as AS/S. With such a shipping name like that, how can you go wrong? It's like... fated or something, lol. ILU, fandom. I'm not too sure, but this pairing has potential, since there's no canon surrounding them...

And I think I just noticed that the entire HP world (pureblooded mostly) is just one giant incestous party or something... everyone's sort of related which I did know, but never really thought about before...

Now I just need to grab myself an AS/S icon. *giggles wickedly*

EDIT: Now that I think of it, why not pair more people up? Teddy and Victoire or Teddy and James. *sparkles at the possibility of crack fic*



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