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ACJC versus VJC

14th May; I realised that I didn't post anything about VJ's concert, since it was pretty late already when I got back and sadly, there was the unappealing element of school the next day. So I procrastinated and didn't post until today after I noticed that I needed to post about AC's concert as well.

This year was also their 25th anniversary, so the repertoire for the night consisted of chosen songs that they have sung in their history, mostly competition pieces though. There was a wide range of styles but I found some songs to be pretty boring though the choir was decent in portraying the various emotions behind the songs. I remember liking their version of 'O Magnum Mysterium' as well as 'Confitemini Domini'. Their two syf pieces were also very nicely done. There were also a few chinese songs, mostly sung by their alumni.

... I like their repertoire! Why don't we ever get to sing such songs... instead of all those loud, tribalish types of songs. Haha, I want to borrow Kim's scores, at least for Kyrie and Piyutim. Lol, need to find time to meet up with Kim to mug as well. Personally, I prefer their alumni to the current choir, they sound much better. I remember preferring the alumni's songs as well during last year's concert. Also bumped into Shin Fen who was there with her friends.

Yeah, I sort of noticed that choirs like to reuse their concert titles, like VJ having their Symphony of Voices and AC using An Evening with Friends, etc. Why? Hmm.
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my spoils of the day: Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh, Samurai Champloo and Demon Diary. Three random pairs of earrings and ACJC choir concert notes.

So I sort of abandoned math remedial to hang out with Faza. In which we went to Cineleisure to watch Star Trek but epicly failed by not checking the time slots beforehand. There was only one time slot and we missed it by half an hour or so. And Lido's only screening time was at 9pm. D: (but there's aways torrents to rely on.)

Ended up having lunch at Pastamania and later went onto Suntec to some book fair thing in which there was a lack of good books (and an abundance of chinese books) so I ended up buying manga which were cheaper than normal, though there were a lot of sucky titles around as well. (I want to rewatch Samurai Champloo!)

After a few rounds of aimless wondering, we ended up going shopping instead, in which I saw quite a number of stuff that I wanted to buy, mainly shoes, except that I can't walk in heels and expect myself to not trip unglamorously.

Faza left at about 7pm, leaving me behind as I went on to watch ACJC's choir concert at the Esplanade. (and also the reason why I chose to go to the Suntec book fair instead of some Da Vinci exhibition at the science center, heh.) It's quite strange going to a concert alone and sitting beside random strangers, but I find that I don't mind, and it's like pretty cool in that sense? Haha, anyway, I'll be alone for the Moscow Chamber Choir thing as well.

The concert ended at about 9 plus, and I then spent about an hour hanging around HMV. At first, I was just going in to check out whether they had Patrick Wolf's new album, in which they did, at freaking $28. (I am highly in doubt of their prices after charging me $28.50 for AFI's Decemberunderground where I found it at $20 somewhere else.) But I ended up hanging around more because I suddenly saw that they were airing Laraku's newest live concert dvd! Although I was listening to Damaris, I suddenly recognized Hyde's voice from the speakers and I was like :DDDD and I immediately turned my attention to the tv sets and watched for quite some time. Haha. It wasn't until the fact that I was afraid there weren't any trains left that made me leave.

So yeah, quite a fun day out, but NO STAR TREK! ):

(ended up spending $12 on food; $7 on coffee; $5 on earrings; $10 on manga; $9 on book; $2 on file: a total of $45?! OMFG)
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While Stajeworks' Spotlights and Lanterns had a script that consisted of cliched themes and mundane situations, the actors did brilliantly in their respectively roles in portraying the feelings and quirks of the characters.

I didn't really like the first story, in which a top student killed himself from parental pressure, or at least that was what everyone seemed to think. Instead, it might have been the words of his friend that drove him to the edge. While I felt that the use of staging was good, the dialogue and the emotions that they actors were trying to portray wasn't overly convincing... The mother-son relationship was disappointing, in the sense that I didn't feel the mother's remorse or guilt when she realized that her son's death may be caused by her. And the friend's expression of jealousy and disbelief was... a bit bland. The second story, which was basically a conversation held in a supermarket, was quite funny, but... I didn't really like it all that much, there a bit of... suspended disbelief, in the sense that, would two completely random stranger strike up a conversation that had intimate topics... I liked the third story, the use of lighting and the characters were very effective in depicting the relationship between grandmother and grandson. The longest story was also the last, in which the main character wonders whether it really possible to live life according to her own values or would the real world suppressed her feelings.
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Valid during several weeks: You will have quite a lot of communication with others today through conversations, letters, phone calls and so forth. Use this interchange to test out your ideas and see how people react to them. If you have made such a strong commitment to a particular position that you are unwilling to see it challenged, you may be quite upset by some of the reactions. But that would be a poor attitude to take. You can correct your thinking on a number of issues without too much difficulty now. Even with the best intentions, however, you may run into quite a bit of disagreement today. This does not necessarily mean that you are wrong but that you should reexamine your position. If you find that it is difficult to reach compromises, delay any negotiations or discussions until another day.

... Fairly accurate portrayal of my day. At least at the communication parts? Sort of met up with quite a number of people, at least more than usual. Had a fairly normal day, the usual lessons that make me sleep, like econ lectures...

Meeting up with Mandy and Jasmine again was pretty funny though. Mandy and I met first, at Woodlands, where we went off to grab a bite at the library's cafe. Her idea, not mine. (and $3.50 for iced honey lemon tea, dudddde!!) Yeah, and apparently Ati was in the area as well! XDD so we had a mini meet up and at first I thought even Ami was going to join us too. Lol, cos she had to meet with Ati to discuss some school thing? Then we wanted to call Aishah, since RP apparently finishes school at 4 and it was already 4 plus, but that girl didn't turn on her phone or something! D:

Also. I was overruled by those two... They forced me to watch 17 Again. Against my will. Argh. D: Mandy sponsored 1 buck of my 6 dollars ticket. >.> Which is actually quite silly, but who cares. Longer review on the movie coming up later. I'm going to go watch my 07-Ghost soon. But really, I think today's forecast... Spot on. I lost that silly argument over why I don't want to watch that himbo-ish movie... gah, knowing that I donated 5 bucks to Zac Efron's movie... blah. (I just have this innate dislike for him. I'm a cancerian; we are not known for being logical, haha.)

We are pretty loud together, I think... I bet members of the public would be like complaining to the school authorities about a student in uniform blatantly using violence on her friend, as well as being noisy and rowdy and illogical. Well, not my problem anyway, if people want to talk so much. (blatantly is ignoring whatever was conveyed on Thursday.)

Alright. I don't know what to talk about anymore. I shall shut up and watch my anime.

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07-Ghost is coming out on April 6. Which is so darn coincidental, since I only started reading the first manga like today and totally loved the glimpse of the complex world that is created. I don't really get why people diss manga, that they are juvenile and silly, because if you would really bother to read, you can see just how much is put into each of them, there is really a lot more to consider when it comes to drawing out your story, there's the style, the settings, the use of techniques, the way you want to portray certain angles etc, and that's only the art side. There's still the plot and many of the stories out there have much more complex issues and the world building can really be that detailed, some of which you don't even find that in real fiction.

... That turned into a rant. >. > I think I'm in a real 'debating' mood today, was sort of arguing over education stuff with Sneha and Min Jie on the way back... in which I think we sort of freaked out the other passengers who could probably hear us clearly... haha, and they probably think we are like some weird freaks. Then Faza and I talked about a whole bunch of random topics, it was hilarious, especially since I digressed and digressed just to make my point.

Anyway, just came back after having dinner at New York New York with the family plus one girlfriend, cos it was my mother's birthday yesterday, in which I sort of forgot in the morning... I mean, like I don't even remember my own name in the morning sometimes, let alone the date... so yeah, I'm like way stuffed now... because of the wonderful food, had pasta and random samplings off the other plates. And root beer float! XD

My eldest brother is flying off to Thailand tomorrow for work, but it's only for like... 3 days? So... it's just like him staying overnight at his girlfriend's place? Haha.

... I suddenly have this feeling that the more you care for a person, the more you feel scared. It's random, but it feels ominous. Or it could just be me being paranoid.

From the far side of this sparkling lake, you wave at me, watching me
I chase you, but the moment I grab your arm, you fade away

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Listening to complete utter crack! XD Draco Malfoy is definitely my favourite character, haha. <3

Today was a pretty slack day~ :D There wasn't much lessons, I slept through econs, daydreamed during civics and stoned during history. Lol, what a productive day! Can just see my intelligence level up. Haha.

Went to Woodlands' branch of Shieng Song (spelling?) after school to buy the stuff needed for the Family Day booth. Which is lots of milo, milk, oreos, chocolate, etc. Decided to go with them because I was gonna meet Faza at Woodlands anyway, and we ended earlier than usual because they pushed mass civics up by an hour.

Borrowed 'I Am a Cat' because I really really want to finish it. Okay, for quite a shallow reason: Shige finished it! XD (omg, I'm such a fangirl.) and there's always the less bimbo answer of it being a really awesome piece of literary work from Japan. Haha. I wanted to browse for more stuff, but Faza seemed pretty done (since I made her wait for me, lol) so... I decided that one heavy book would suffice to kill my shoulder. And it did. Gah. The thickness is on par with Murakami's Wind Up Bird Chronicle, in which I'm still stuck half way in Part II. I'm pathetic, I know.

Wandered around Causeway Point to find gifts for our friends. Different people though, and apparently with different personalities. I would know, since only Sharon was our mutual friend. :D I'm a terrible gift shopper, because I ended up looking at things for myself, saw a whole bunch of useless stuff that I wanted to buy... just because it looked pretty and... doesn't really serve a very practical function, though it does have a function. I'm not that extravagant... I think? Haha.

Had dinner with Faza, who was feeling very broke, because while she can afford to eat the expensive stuff with her other friends, she can't afford to do so with me. XD Jumped from one random topic to another; the ever usual vampires versus werewolves (like pirates versus ninjas? :D) and whether the camel is a 'traitor' and about our friends as well. :D It was awesome and I think I caught people like staring at us... in which I stared back, because... Idk, haha.

Also, totally made use of my brother's privilege as a technician at his company. Am too lazy to read the newspapers because I hate the stupid paper that they use and the ink... (I'm such a whiny, spoilt brat. D:) so I went online to randomly search for articles, after being reminded to do so while reading a fashion website, lol. Random, much? Yeah, so... I pestered my brother into helping me print them at his office. XD

Gah, my mother's nagging at me again... >.> Over something that is still pretty far, but not that far away; my friend, recent graduate from poly, is still jobless... cos apparently her field of study isn't full of great job opportunities (she does animation). ... We really should stop comparing our lives with other people, because there really is no point, but she just doesn't get it and I'm frankly too lazy to start a debate over such issues, because I'll lose very badly as we will argue in mandarin. And I have a total lack of chinese vocabulary. *facepalm*
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Had an interesting day out with Mandy and Jasmine... in which we talked about random crap, things from our shared past: annoying classmates, mutual friends and old teachers, then we moved onto more serious topics, like family issues, religion, even ghosts. Haha, it's really cool that people can just easily talk and open up to each other even though we haven't met up or even spoken for ages. (my last meeting with Jasmine was 5 years ago... back when we were immature, silly kids. Not that we changed much, lol.)

Currently taking a break from my stupid history essay (I still have 46 newspaper articles, an econ essay and a literature essay. OMFG!!) even though I haven't been very efficient... since I began work at 8. Doing homework while watching tv shows is never efficient, since most of the time I end up watching the show more than concentrating on the work waiting to be completed. I can never really resist martial arts shows, haha.

There's like a lot of things buzzing at the back of my mind... but I really just can't be bothered much. Don't think I'll be able to sleep early tonight... since there's quite a lot that I need to finish up. I feel like starting to write fiction again... as a form of self therapy, using fictious characters to vent out everything that I feel.

Think I'm going off tangent on whatever subject I'm talking about... I'm tired, but I can't go to sleep yet due to piled up work from before, and I need to wake up early tomorrow. Think I'm most likely not going to sleep tonight or something. Tsk... I don't even know what I'm talking about here!


Mar. 19th, 2009 08:16 pm
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Argh, today is one of those days in which you should never have gotten out of bed because everything is just not going your way.

[01] woke up with bad stomach cramps.
[02] ran out of ironed clothes, (cos my mother wasn't around) ended up grabbing random stuff from the laundry hamper instead.
[03] found out that my ezlink card had no money
[04] realised that I didn't bring my wallet when I tried to top up my card
[05] missed the train and had to wait for 6 minutes.
[06] had an embarrassing incident on the train in which I only realised when I was on my way to Clementi, meaning that all the way from Yew Tee to Jurong East, I was a public embarrasment because I didn't know!!
[07] practice wasn't very efficient, ended up dragging and I was late in meeting Aishah and Chin Ming didn't want to come.
[08] stepped on dog poo from Jia Li's place which I couldn't do anything about since I was going onto a bus.
[09] endured a terrible bus ride to the mrt station where I immediately ducked into a toilet to clean my shoes.
[10] spent a humiliating 15 minutes getting rid of the shit.
[11] met Aishah for lunch where we went to V8 Cafe and the food I had picked wasn't available. Twice.

D: One of the more unpleasant days I have lived... because everything just went wrong... I mean, I was like, half joking to Aishah as the waitress was bringing us glasses of water, holding them at such dangerous angles that if she tilted just a bit, she'll spill the water on me instead. And Aishah remarked that the tea will probably burn my tongue, in which it did, but... nah, that wasn't really a big deal...

In other news, we were supposed to hunt for the clique rings and have some suggestions, in which I think either Aishah or I will be posting on the clique community to get opinions. I also bought a green scarf because I don't want to share my brown scarf with my bunny, haha. Lol, the bag from the shop was cute! :D

(btw, people from 4D: didn't Chee How used to have this lame joke about a tree getting hit by lightning and the punchline being 'suay'? lol.)
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you're spending all the money you've saved
the subway home x casiotone for the painfully alone

Haha, okay, this is an exaggeration because I didn't really lose, but I still felt that my luck was shitty. Oh well, tomorrow's a new day and all that, maybe my luck will have changed? Lol. :D Still haven't finished my homework, cos I went out on Friday and Saturday as well. And of course, today too, to Min Jie's place which is damn far, but luckily Sharon and I caught a ride from Hong Zhi's car so not that bad.

Borrowed The Lies of Locke Lamora from Jurong Library before meeting up with Sharon and Angela who were both late even though I was late too, haha. Then from Min Jie, I borrowed Good Omens and One Silent Night even though I still haven't finished White Tiger and all the other library books. Also booked the practice studio for exam and it was a freaking 40 bucks for an hour... ouch.

Broke. Or at least on my way.
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Went to the 4d class chalet yesterday and expected to be very bored. But Darryl brought his Guitar Hero! So we were highly entertained, with antics of Chee How and my own terrible playing, haha, it's been ages since I last played on the wii, about a year ago or so, if I bothered to check the archives at my old blog. And using the xbox console just felt weird to me, especially when doing chords, like the brain cannot comprehend the buttons, haha, I just have bad hand-brain coordination.

Ate quite a lot too, but not as much as Atiqah, because Hong Da was sort of serving us when we first came, he made frequent trips to give us satays and stingrays and chicken wings.

Ended up going home pretty late thanks to Guitar Hero, haha, I was planning to sort of eat-and-run, but the game made me stay. Luckily, Faza's parents were willing to pick us up, so I didn't reach home too late. Ami and Chin and Ati went off pretty early because Pasir Ris is really very far...

Slacked a bit when I got back, watched Demons and... well, it's alright, I mean, it's my genre, but... sort of boring? Maybe it's because I read and watch a lot of stuff in the supernatural genre, so it takes a lot to get me interested.

Well, a whole bunch of relatives came down today to prepare the food for the Lunar New Year... so it was quite noisy and all that and I'm supposed to be finishing up my homework but I got sidetracked... read 4 volumes of Her Majesty's Dog and it's really quite amusing even though it's not that original to me. Ended up watching three episodes of Torchwood because I couldn't resist even though I told myself to start rationing or else I'll run out of episodes before season 3 is out.

So now... thinking of just going off and read a good book since I went to the library earlier and borrowed quite a number of them... Damn, I sort of wish I was Owen, you know, being dead. =_= No need to really do anything, cos you're dead. And you can read to your heart's content, I wouldn't mind giving up food and sex and breathing for eternity and no more aging.
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Managed to function properly with just barely 3 hours of sleep, think I'm going to sort of pay this abuse back later on tomorrow where I'll be super blur and zombified.

Went to library to start/finish up my homework with Sze Him and Ami :D Was definitely more productive than doing work alone at home with good music and unlimited internet, lol. (cos I'm distracted really really really easily.)

Thanks for the gorgeous earrings, Sze Him! So shiney, haha.

Borrowed Murakami's Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, which I read on the train towards Toa Payoh. I only got to the middle of the third story, but really, I can tell it's gonna be an awesome book because I'm already getting the goosebumps from the previous stories, the good kind, haha. (Unlike Neil Gaiman, I can't ever really complete his short stories, not because they're boring, but... just... there's this quality about them that makes me unable to finish them, like... I don't really want to know, kind of thing.)

After meeting up with Sneha and Sofia, we went to buy flowers, and omg, this is the first time I knew that flowers are so expensive! (gods know that I don't ever buy flowers for people and my mother buys those for the altar at the market where it's like dirt cheap.) Sort of... jealous? Haha, not really, just wished that I had flowers too during the choir concert, (Sharon and Kai Ling did get me one, which was really pretty! :) I remembered it was white!) But my pragmatic side of me has to come out and tell me that flowers are a waste of money because they do nothing but look pretty and die quickly. You see why I'm not a romantic?

Anyway, I enjoyed myself at the concert, it wasn't fabulous per se, but really, it has been ages since my last band concert (ever since my eldest brother graduated from NUS and subsequently the wind symphony.) so it's really cool to finally experience one again and I'm feeling hooked sort of already. (like when I'm rich, I'll watch concerts every two weeks or something. But I would prefer the more... baroque to 19th century pieces. Don't really like contemporary.) I recognized some people in band, like Fatmah (duh!) and Praba and this CJ guy who went to Reach Cambridge too and this other guy but I forgot his name. But I remember the face!

Only Sneha, Sofia, Sherilyn, Shaun and I turned up, representing our class. (why do all their names start with an 's'?!?! Make me feel so extra lah! Lol.) Min Jie backed out halfway even though Fatmah reserved a ticket for her already, well, as long as she pays up, it's none of our business, so no need to feel annoyed or anything, Sneha, :).
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Evelyn, it's within you: the answers you seek, the direction you want, and the power to be whoever you want to be. Your dreams are not yours by mere whim. They've been meticulously matched to the gifts you're now developing. Designed to lure you within, where your true power lies, and then out into the world, beyond imagined limitations and fears. Trust yourself. Listen to your heart. You have the right stuff, you know what to do, and it can all be yours.

Hosanna in the highest,
The Universe

... Just got back from shopping at IKEA with Faza. I bought nothing even though I was really tempted to buy candles and colored glass bowls and lamps. Lol.

it's cool to hang out with her cos we have so many fandoms in common, like HP and Jpop and Heroes and now Merlin (ahem Bradley James, lol) and hopefully Torchwood as well.

Currently there's only a week left before school hell reopens and I am going to be in deep shit because I still haven't finish my homework infernal assignments: there's still 5 LITERATURE essays, 5 Othello reading packages, 2 HISTORY essays, 2 MATHS promo papers and 1 worksheet, 15 GP articles, 1 GP comprehension and 10 reading packages,  1 ECON paper, 1 reading package and 1 case study.


TO THE CLIQUE: The clique blog is officially done. 


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Just got back about half an hour or so from the party with some of the vocal consort people. :D Even though I don't really know them exactly, it was still pretty fun.

Reached there super early, thinking that they needed help with the cooking and whatsoever, Lol, and ended up poking hot dogs and cucumbers on tiny toothpicks. (ended up eating a few of them as well, haha) Anyway, watched a whole lot of tv shows today, from Smallville to Ellen to animal videos to Snow Dogs to this chinese show at 9pm to Iljimae. Yeah, a lot of tv. My eyes were exhausted.

The food was good, and were cooked by Sam and his girlfriend, who may be the result when it's edible? Lol, nah, not surprising for people to be able to cook, although I have no skills in the kitchen at all. (I can't even tell the difference between cabbage and lettuce! Which M and Yoke Cheng pointed out to me earlier when we were peeling vegetables for the hamburger fillings. Epic fail, I tell you.)

The gift exchange got me a box of caramel sweets :D And to whoever who got the aromatherapy set, well, I hope it's useful? Haha. I'm bad at coming with gifts last minute. Next time, if I ever have to give gifts, I shall plan in advance or something. (utter lie)

Gah. Am exhausted. Shall now head to my lovely lovely bed. :D

Oh and... before we left for home... they made us endure torture of the worst sort. Here it is. In its full glory, I present bad singing to the power of infinity. Not recommended for pregnant women, the elderly, small children (in case of nightmares), people with weak hearts. Oh and people who have perfect pitch. They might end up killing themselves immediately.


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Watched Angus, Things and Perfect Snogging. It was enjoyable enough, quite funny and a little too... chick. Lol, Sitting in that cinema with Faza made me feel so old... considering that the other people in the theater were most likely a few years younger, around that pre-teen age where perving on the cute actors in the show wouldn't be too wrong. I mean, Peter is what, a year younger? And Dave the Laugh is... 3 years younger. D: The consolation is that at least Robbie is older. Lol. Whut.

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging is about the life of Georgia who apparently is only 14 but is mooning over guys and throwing big parties to be popilar. The opening was sort of funny, where she dressed up as a gigantic stuffed olive to crash a party only to find her friends telling her that boys don't like girls for their sense of humor. (Isn't this the wrong sort of thing to teach small kids?) Anyway, she decides to make a change from her old way of life. So... just nicely, Georgia and her Ace Gang, spots two supposedly really goodlooking guys who just newly transferred to their school and decides to stalk them. And they do it so ridiculously that I bet the guys noticed them almost immediately.

Georgia continues her stalking mission with the aid of her best friend Jas who has gotten her eye on the elder brother, Tom who is also more suited for her in height terms. Lol.But Robbie is good looking, haha, it's the blond hair. Hooks me in every time. (My track record with Bradley James and Malfoy. :D) Ahem.

Anyway, the music is also pretty good, recognized a few of the songs. But it's a pity that the plot is a little... thin? I felt that character development was also lacking, like the problem between Georgia and Jas was too easily... solved, and more like that just blatantly ignored it and went on with the story.

But I'm most... uhm... envious? about the lack of parental intrusions. I mean, my mother would most likely have killed me if I talked about getting a boyfriend at the age of 14. I'm like only allowed to get one after I get into uni. (yes, I have no life. Don't mock me already.) And... when I was 14, the only brush with makeup I have would be for choir. Seriously, lipstick tastes so gross I have no idea why people use it.

(I really like this spiffy moodtheme! :D)


Dec. 16th, 2008 11:38 pm
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Had a long long overdue clique outing! Pity that Sze Him and Chin Ming couldn't make it, but finally finally we have Mandy joining us! :D And Ami back from her Korea trip! Lol, I think the clique has matching necklaces now, though not everyone has it. Oh well, and Ami got me postcards as well, so pretty that I don't even wanna take them out from their packaging. Haha.

Spent our bus trip contemplating about our lunch, which we didn't even make any proper decisions after reaching Heeren. Lol, typical. In the end, we had a quick lunch at Long John so that we won't miss the timing for our karaoke session, mainly due to the fact that Aishah and I were late, haha.

Sang a whole bunch of songs, I think I may lose my voice after this little session. D: Well, trying to oversing Ati and Aishah is like insane. >.> And Mandy's still the same old pervert even though she looks more grown up now. Bet she can't sneak into restaurants under the guise of a kid for cheaper food, haha.

Ended up staying till quite late, 7 plus, though Ati left first to her grandparents' place,  then we headed over to Lucky Plaza where Ami was ripped off for her camera case, nearly $40 for such a tiny thing?! Ouch. And the thing was that another store was willing to let it go at a lower price when the storekeeper knew that she didn't have that much cash.

Then we watched Aishah have her dinner at BK as the rest of us had dinner waiting for us at home. Chatted about everything, lol, Mandy did a lot of scandalous things back in Kranji. And I was even less adept at social skills. D: People ought to smack me awake about it then. I didn't know I was so unapproachable...

The clique apparently wants to set up a clique blog. Haha, quite cute, this sort of thing. Now we have to wait and see if the least tech-savvy person agrees to this. Then there will be yet another influx of questions to answer, like lj/bs, layouts, posting access, blah blah. Well, guess the most free person shall be in charge, haha.
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Practice today was good, the sound was on the whole satisfying, and it's partially due to the fact that I have learned the songs already, so I can enjoy blending in with the rest of the people.

Anyway, had dinner with a bunch of new people, which is pretty rare for me, but since my mother is out of town, there's no dinner at home anyway.

The eight of us, 4 from AJ, and the other 4 from Vocal Consort, had dinner at Thai Express. Not my favourite cuisine, but who am I to argue? But hey, it was edible and definitely not worth the price.

We talked for quite a bit, rather I listened more, and I'm afraid that the rare times that I spoke up, might be pretty offending. Especially to people who don't really know me. Oh well. I am not exactly well versed in the social art of befriending people anyway. Aka, open mouth, insert foot. I mean, I sort of try to think before I speak, after the enlightening words from Min Jie and Jia Li, but I find my tongue works faster than my brain.

Went over to Kino after dinner in which I picked up a copy of Howl's Moving Castle. Yes, I finally got off my arse to buy it after wearing out the library's edition. I must have read it like 5, 6 times over the past 7 years. I wanted to get Fire and Hemlock too, since I didn't really understand it at the point of reading but there wasn't any stock and I wasn't comfortable with letting people wait for me.

We parted ways after Kino in which I took the bus back, making a short detour at Lot One, checking out the new library which disappointed me, and bought some trinkets for myself.

Quite a productive night. If I managed to convince myself to touch the piano, it might have been better. >.>
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Went over to Jia Li's place today, with Min Jie. Apparently my flu virus was deadly enough to get Sherilyn, considering we have been spending quite some time in close proximity due to choir. D:

Had a long lunch with them at Bishan's food court, in which we talked about anything and everything. Had some illuminating thoughts about myself; I certainly never thought that people would form such opinions of me. D: But... I mellowed! Guess the old adage of 'if you have nothing pleasant to say, shut up' is so often quoted for a reason.

Anyway, Jia Li's pets are adorable! :D I love her cat, he's so ridiculously fat and has this contented face when you scratch his chin and his ears. (it's an image worthy of lolcats) And Duchess was really calm, as compared to Sherilyn's Elmo. Haha, pity she was tied up in the porch, but she's pretty big, so it could be potentially devastating for her to run amok about the house.

We watched Zoolander! Ben Stiller! Haha, I think I watched it quite a few times, since there are lines that I can quote as I go along. And the cupcakes were absolutely delish! Even though I'm not too partial to nuts, the ones in the cupcakes were just nice.

I think today was supposed to be a movie marathon sort of thing? But we only watched one movie and ended up talking/gossiping about random stuff once more. Haha, but overall quite a fun day, it's really relaxing to just hang out and talk crap, really feels like the holidays.

Though the threat of homework does loom over the horizon.
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Met up with Faza after choir ended. In which I was pretty snappy with her due to lack of food since last night, one heavy stack of overdue books, and life in general. Immediately reprimanded myself because you don't take your exasperation out on others.

Borrowed a few books only this time, since I still have some at home that are not done yet. So I managed to locate: Soseki Natsume's I Am a Cat in which I wanted to read ever since I read Shige's jweb :D. Diana Wynne Jones' House of Many Ways, Mercedes Lackey's One Good Knight which isn't very interesting and Murakami's South of the Border, West of the Sun. I'm still very intrigued by Murakami's writing, ever since I finished Hardboiled. This book seems pretty promising.

Had lunch at Pizza Hut after that, in which I had pasta. Again. Yeah, I forgot I had that on Saturday already. Crapped a lot with Faza, we'll good at talking about nothing, mostly about nonsensical stuff, our specialty. :)

Then we ended up walking around aimlessly, browsing through racks of fashion disasters mostly, and test sprayed perfumes in shops, Haha, think we made a nuisance out of ourselves?

Ended up having coffee at McCafe because it was cheaper than Starbucks, the oreo cheesecake was nice, but the one that Amanda made the other time was better. :)

I bought The Body Shop's Cassis Rose spray in which I paid, got back my change and forgot to take the product. Until the cashier alerted me. Smart, aren't you?

Well, Faza's coming over to hang out tomorrow, since her tv broke down and all, she's bored and my Wii is apparently a novelty. Lol. Not that I have better things to do anyway... *shoves homework into the shadows under the table innocently*
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You know, I may not be an expert on people skills, but I think that the most successful way to ensure cooperation is not to complain and yell at the person you're trying to foist the work on. And complaining non-stop is only going to make the other party pissed off and cause them to do a sloppy job because they can't be bothered after the unnecessary scolding. But whatever. Because I'm a calm and composed person. Deep breaths now.

Okay, so to ensure that choir has not taken over my life, I went over to Sherilyn's place after choir. In which we had to wait for Jia Li and Min Jie. As usual, there's this long walk from the bus stop to her house in which I probably can't remember how to walk to already... unless I'm there in person. Well, this is only my second time to her place.

Anyway, Elmo mauled us. Which I think is pretty normal. And I have this bruise on my thigh from his excitement. Sherilyn, you must not have been showering your dog with enough affection. Lol. But yeah, no one was spared but I think he didn't really like Min Jie? Or so Sherilyn says. And she's the owner.

Yeah, so, we watched Chicago. Pretty nice, I guess, I like the music. Sort of hard to concentrate on the first half; I had a staring contest with Elmo which I won! Cause Min Jie distracted it. :D And Jia Li liked Bill's hair! And she's a potential convert to J-ROCK! :D YAY! This is when I miss 'Shah who craps with me and we, I mean I, make up weird pairings! :DDD I don't know, MYV and Gackt have potential, right? *pouts*

Sherilyn's oracle cards make me feel like buying my own set, but... they're a little pricey. Hmm. Maybe once Min Jie pays back her debt. *hint hint* I think we're going to Jia Li's house next week or something? Yay, I wanna see her cat! :D Oh. And I hope that I brushed off the dog fur properly... or else my mother's gonna have an allergy reaction. Oops.

:D It's a cover of 99 Luft Balloons
and the song lyrics kind of fit pretty nicely in the original context. I think, from the little that I have gleaned from the english version.

Okay, the boss of the house is nagging at me to go sleep because I'm sick apparently and I'm meeting Min Jie at the library tomorrow.
omg, mugger!
(but the thing is sleeping is hard to do when I'm sick. It's so fucking uncomfortable to sleep when your nose is blocked.)
think I'm gonna prescribe myself Kiyoharu's Light - saw the light and shade - album.It never fails to make me feel mellow and soothed :D
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... Went to the library today. In which the weather was so glaring that I can hardly open my eyes. I wish I have the cash to splurge on those kind of transition lens thing. Anyway, there were tons of people milling about at Causeway Point. Aargh! And some people just walk without looking. So don't complain when you get whacked by a bag loaded with heavy bricks masquerading as books, alright?

Borrowed mainly non-fiction stuff, am finding myself very interested in philosophy these days, (as usual, my interests rotate, now it's back to philosophy.) And also picked up some random books about health for my mother because she has become more of a health freak than before due to her high blood pressure problem.

... I actually went to Woodlands library because I wanted to go read at Starbucks later on. >.> But. I forgot. Weekends meant lots of free and idle people. Which means they will most likely leave the house because they're not all hermits like me. And Singapore is a tiny excuse of a cell. Which means that there are only so many places that people can frequent. (You know, I watched a drama that had this statistic that you only need to tell a local friend about something and if they pass it on, by the 7th person, it will reach all the way across the world already.) Anyway, Starbucks was packed. With noisy people.

No matter how addictive coffee may be, it's definitely not worth the trouble of finding a decent spot away from incessant chatter.



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