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I'm freaking annoyed by the goddamn prevalent mocca ads. The more I hear the bloody clickclick sound, the more I want to find the company and slap some sense into the advertising team. >.> I would mute my speakers, except that I want to listen to my music as well.

Anyway, on to more cooler stuff, K.03an Guo! :DDD Even though there's no Jiro or Danson, there's still Xiu! *hearts* and a lot of relatively unknown people (at least to me, since I rarely indulge in tw dramas).

(ahem, yes this is actually the ost cover, but never mind! it conveys the point.)

yeah, although I still haven't finished X Family, which is the prequel, nor am I ever going to complete KO One, which is the first in the entire series, I'm already starting on the third installment. That's mostly because you don't exactly need much prior knowledge. The only character that seems to be constant in all three series seems to be Xiu alone. (the others do make certain cameos, but they are not that important.

picspam! :D )
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I has new mood theme! :D Courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] wikked_angel_78 !

Anyway, because I couldn't sleep, here I am, pimping out Merlin. (I shall do one for Torchwood if I find myself unable to sleep tomorrow too. Haha)

You're a prat, my lord ).

And this is only the first episode. I can't wait to start on the rest. XD
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School was short today, and basically a waste of time. And I wasted a lot of money. omfg. =_= have to make it up some how... I mean, I can't keep withdrawing money and hope that it won't ever run out, because that's ridiculous.

Had pasta for lunch with Sneha and Min Jie, a Mcflurry when eating with Faza, a $10 keychain just because I can't resist the cuteness that it is. D: That's like 2/3 of my allowance GONE! 0_0 I stun myself just by writing this out. And there's still Ami's birthday this week.

And... uh. I present you images from my dreary existence. In which. I bet you have no interest in because these are old. Was too lazy to upload them and then I totally forgot about them. Heh.

bad commentary accompanied with bad pictures )
stupid firefox crashed twice on me. like wtf.
... okay, it may be my fault for opening so many tabs.
but still *pouts*


Sep. 14th, 2008 12:00 am
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Gah. I curse my lack of disk space. And my iPod's tiny capacity.
Why are so many bands popping up into my field of existence?

Otanjou-bi Omedetou MIYAVI -SAMA! XDDD

Gosh, he's 27 already!
I did his 26th birthday on my old blog

I remember that in Sec 2 or 3, I was super mad over him
writing 雅 and MYV and 382 on my hand, haha.
Those were the days, huh.

And because I can.
Here's another random meme:
The Rules:
1. Pick a hot guy...take a moment to think.
2. Is this really the guy you want?
3. Pick his top 10 hottest, cutest, most irresistible pictures.

YESH, MIYAVI, this is your picspam. XDDD

lol. this reminds me of the scene where Jack sees multiples of himself
but here we have an array of Miyavis. XD
All with their own distinct styles

he's so pretty :3

kekkonshiki no uta period!
lol, the PV was funny.
especially at the end :D

before you think that Meevs is just a pretty face, he used to play soccer and would have become a professional player.
except for an injury that held him back.
but no fear, cos he's really rocking it as a singer <3

see? he's really manly! rawr! XD

what he's currently rocking.
I love his tattoos. XD
they're so him.
And the lame way that he wears a cap over a beanie. Lol

quite a while back
love his smile. and lip piercing.

awwww~ they're both so cute! :3333
meevs is just so precious!

back in his Due le Quartz days when he was living it up as a guitarist.
damn glad you decided to strike out on your own.
sorry if this kills anyone's flist. XD But eye candy is always worth it, no? (ducks as she gets flamed.)
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:DDDD My favourite twins turn 19 today. Or at least later, since the time differences means that we're faster.


Mein Gott! Zee Bandwidth!! )
all pictures were stolen from [livejournal.com profile] th_cult .Heh.
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on the campus of Girton College.

wandering around during our so called breaks with Sneha, Sherilyn and Sofia.

Taken on the first day that we came, this was during our tour of cambridge town. Sadly, it was raining, so the pictures taken weren't too good and all.

moar! )

sorry if the pictures seemed random because I posted the pictures at different times. Was too lazy to really upload stuff... heh.
will be updated randomly. XD

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Gackt sama turns 468 today! XD

Yeah, that's not his real age of course. I think he's in his mid thirties already, but damn, is he still a fine piece of man.
Of course, the added bonus that he used to introduce himself as a vampire just makes him even more appealing.
And Bunraku is done filming. Can't wait to see Gackt in Hollywood. I mean, damn, he's going to gain even more fans and he'll never ever come to our part of Asia.

Okay, so I could have gone on rambling about everything on Gackt-sama, but... too sleepy to make futher sense. Besides, my spelling has gotten worse thanks to the tiredness, so no point writing more when it's bad.



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