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While Stajeworks' Spotlights and Lanterns had a script that consisted of cliched themes and mundane situations, the actors did brilliantly in their respectively roles in portraying the feelings and quirks of the characters.

I didn't really like the first story, in which a top student killed himself from parental pressure, or at least that was what everyone seemed to think. Instead, it might have been the words of his friend that drove him to the edge. While I felt that the use of staging was good, the dialogue and the emotions that they actors were trying to portray wasn't overly convincing... The mother-son relationship was disappointing, in the sense that I didn't feel the mother's remorse or guilt when she realized that her son's death may be caused by her. And the friend's expression of jealousy and disbelief was... a bit bland. The second story, which was basically a conversation held in a supermarket, was quite funny, but... I didn't really like it all that much, there a bit of... suspended disbelief, in the sense that, would two completely random stranger strike up a conversation that had intimate topics... I liked the third story, the use of lighting and the characters were very effective in depicting the relationship between grandmother and grandson. The longest story was also the last, in which the main character wonders whether it really possible to live life according to her own values or would the real world suppressed her feelings.
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Went to watch King Lear today in London. The weather was cool, not too chilling, but with enough wind to be cold.
At 8:15, we boarded the bus. Because lateness means we have lesser time at the exhibitions.

Reached London, Globe Theatre at about 10 plus and we went for an exhibtion of the Globe. The guide was sort of amusing and really nice. But some of the things that she mentioned was already said when we went for the Stratford trip... so it didn't really hold my attention too much, but the new things that she brought up was cool, like how the Globe Theatre came about and the manner in which it was destroyed and rebuilt again by an American.

Had lunch at about 12 plus, but it was kind of sucky. I didn't like it very much... and ended up donating my sandwich to Ernest. Who traded it with another sandwich from Carolyn... what is this, some sort of a sandwich trading market? ... If you seriously don't want it then donate the food to the pigeons lah.

The play began at 2 pm. At first it was still alright, as the weather was windy enough and there was sunlight. However, halfway through the play it began to rain... bloody shit lah. And when it stopped, one of the actors, the Duke, had a line about an oncoming storm. Which was so goddamn ironic. In fact, he was sort of chuckling when he said it. =_=

Edgar is damn hot. Seriously, I like his hair!!! And his face is pretty good looking. >.> And Sneha, of all things to notice, she must have stared at his torso because for a few scenes, Edgar was half naked due to him being a fugitive and a beggar. And she was like, hey, look at the 'V' of his stomach... =_= I'm like, why the hell do you notice these things?! But anyway, he's hot. And Ms Lim agrees with me too. Hah.

The scene in which the Earl of Gloucester had his eyes forcibly removed was so fake. I mean, how can the eyeball be that big and in such a weird shape??! And what's up with the thick roots connected to the eye? The nerves of the eyes are thin, aren't they? Not as wide as worms. Which is just plain gross. And when they threw the eyeball backstage, it bounced. -_- Really.

However, I must say that I don't really understand the play, having never studied it and only knowing the bare gist of the plot outline. So there were some parts in which I was confused. And it didn't help that the rain distracted me because my glasses were wet from rain and I couldn't see too clearly over the heads of other taller people that conveniently stood in front of me.

Again, I bought more badges at the Globe shop because I just can't resist the snarky quotes imprinted on them. Carolyn and Ernest spent a bomb on buying posters. >.> And was just so darn protective of their purchases that they made sure no one touched them, let alone crush the posters.

We also went to Tate museum, just the six of us, during our lunch period. Damn, there were so many interesting things there but... so expensive as well. But still, it's a cool place to visit and if we could have the leisure to visit all the floors and look at the art works...
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We watched Othello the play on the open Girton lawns, with cold wind blowing every now and then.

I totally love Iago so much!! He's the coolest character ever. And he pwns them all, I tell you.

Cassio was pretty cute, I like his hair color, and lol, got to talk to him which made Sherilyn all huffy and she jokingly wanted to disband our friendship.

Emilia was freakish old...  like 20 years Iago's senior. Which scares me, frankly. Cos of her really frizzy hair and low voice...

It was so freaking cold so I'm really impressed by these actors' professionalism, they were prancing about (at least Desdemona was) in thin clothing and they still acted so well.

I was like shivering in my seat throughout, especially during the first half when I didn't have my jacket.

Ran up to my room during the 15 min interval for my jacket and spoke to Cassio and Othello with Ernest and Sid.

But I was still damn cold and kept on fidgeting during the play.

The play was pretty funny even though it wasn't meant to be so. I mean, I laughed so much, the actors playing Brabantio, Roderigo were so cute, in a hilarious manner.

Couldn't help but to be horribly entertained by the play as the actors seemed to have played up the comedic elements in the play wasn't so much of a tragedy, I feel. I mean, when Othello stabbed himself, I didn't even know it as the action wasn't too explicit. What, you mean you're trying to keep the play on a PG level?? And Othello's spiral into insanity wasn't done properly, he seemed too calm and composed and generally, he did not like lose his mind to jealousy slowly, instead, it was a huge jump which is just wrong.

Othello was so nice too, helping the 'dead' Desdemona to arrange her skirt properly as she was sort of flashing... but it wasn't obvious because we were all in the dark and it was very dimly lighted.



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