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in the end, we’ll all be either dust or eaten up by WORMS, there is really no escape, so honestly, we might as well love ourselves while we’re alive.
taken from here

sometimes, I think I think too much, and it's beginning to be irritating. I'm not sure whether other people notice it, but yeah, I'm irritated with myself.

it wasn't exactly a good day today, not that I have any criteria for good/bad days anymore... now, I just want every single day to pass by without anything troublesome popping up. I'm also currently feeling very broke, considering that there's so many things I want to buy, namely cds, and also concerts that I want to watch. D:

I'm also in the midst of reinventing myself... (note to self) though I still haven't exactly worked out the kinks, but I want to take great strides in leading a life that I would be proud to call my own, instead of following the masses, not that there's anything wrong, but surely, there has got to be more to life? Wouldn't it be cool to wake up to the calls of wildlife instead of that bloody alarm clock, do meditative exercises before breakfast, discuss theology and philosophy with the like-minded, travel the world to learn about anthropology and learning to embrace one's own culture. (seriously, I really need to re-pick up my mandarin.) Of course, there's also the idea of adapting to a complete different diet as well as taking note of the changing seasons and festivals, learning the properties of certain plants, etc.

Back to listening to Finnish metal again, haha. Stratovarius is really epic. (maybe I'll do a review later) And I really really need to go raid my brother's computer for old/new stuff, my bandwidth is too slow to support all my addictions, from anime (FMA, 07-Ghost, Kuroshitsuji) to tv series (x family, bof, shigeshoshi) to music (shin, the rasmus)...

Right. Since I'm not doing any homework/anything productive... I might as well just go off and sleep already... considering that I intend to start and finish my history essay tomorrow. And I hope Literature won't be too mind-blowing... really don't like BNW and Herland. *head desk*
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... spent the past hour tidying up my room. No real reason, just looking at the clutter suddenly made me feel all... uneasy, so I started clearing stuff away. It's still the same mess, just a little tamer than before...

The entire day was spent unproductively... just like all my other weekends. Woke up a little before 1 because my mother, annoyed that she to see that even after returning from the market I'm still curled up in bed wasting time, knocked on my door loudly and yelled at me to get up. Not very pleasant to wake up to, so I lazed around in bed, wondering about how certain characters I have would react in certain situations. Until my mother told me to hurry up and eat lunch so that she can clear the table...

Then I wasted more time fiddling with my phone, trying to customise stuff, learning how to toggle between screens, etc. And read some books, one of which I just reviewed. Played some piano, walked around my house... haha, I was really bored, huh.

Right, then I watched a few hours of tv, from 7:30 to about 1, with breaks interspersed so that I could use the laptop, from Legend of the Condor Heroes, which is sadly going to end tomorrow!! to Boys over Flowers, even though I have watched the first few episodes before already, to Guess x3 which I mostly listened to while I read some meta posts.

And now... I shall go sleep so that I can wake up in time to entertain my aunts when they come down tomorrow. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning...
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Argh, literature essay due tomorrow.

I am so going to be slaughtered... I'm still stuck on the bloody first paragraph, and I'm darn sleepy already... >.>

Some things that I want to post:
- a Roy/Ed ship manifesto + personal recs for future references
- Wolverine review
- VJ concert review
- Sanguine chapter

... D: I don't get what's wrong with the last.fm thing... I mean... why cannot detect?!
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The end is finally in sight, and I breathe a sigh of relief.

It's sort of nice coming home and sitting down before the television, without any random stray thought about homework nagging at the back of your mind. Not that that isn't homework, but no lessons tomorrow! :D But on the other hand, there's SYF. Haha.

I think that if all goes well tomorrow and all that jazz, I shall reward myself by finally getting that NEWS album. :D (but I'm not sure which album to buy without getting ripped off. D: And anyway, I just want to give myself an excuse to get that cd, damn it, I can see through your ploy, you desperate fangirl!)

But I think that really, this week is damn hectic. There are lots of homework suddenly, and I really really begin to dread the monotony of school. Seriously, the only thing I look forward to now is going home. >.> Which is sad because that's really not the point of going to school.

Tomorrow's forecast:
Try to use today to get a clearer idea of where you are in your life and how well you have fulfilled your spiritual and material needs. In various ways your ideals will be appealed to today. Someone may request your help, or you may be called upon to work for others, with no direct or immediate benefit for you except for the satisfaction of doing good work. A kind of idealistic romanticism may be a factor in your relationships today, which is perfectly all right if it enables you to experience beauty. But do not let your idealism convince you that your loved ones are any more than ordinary humans. You are inclined to give way to others' demands and to put your own needs in second place. Make certain that the persons for whom you do this are worthy of your self-sacrifice.
I have no idea what I got to interpret from that chunk of text. >.> So... I guess I'll just burn the bridge when I reach it? Haha.

Also, saw this on iCiNG which I feel that is brilliant. And somehow reminds me of Xavier and Del. (I'm getting schmoopy in my old age. -.-)
One of the great lessons of relationships — in my mind — revolves around learning to love an imperfect person. That is all that anyone is. No one is ideal, no one is going to tick all your boxes & be this immaculate creature. Ever. Once you’ve come to terms with that, it’s time to assess whether their imperfections are the sort of thing you can love… or leave. Some character traits are a total dealbreaker, while others you might decide are worth putting up with.
Last.fm is being a bitch. >.> gah. And I think I need to pack my bag already... if I'm going to go sleep before it's 11...

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A few years late, but I finally decided to get onto the Supernatural bandwagon. :D It is awesome enough, there's snark, blood and gore, mystery, horrible unresolved angsty pasts, paranormal creatures written with a lot of artistic license, and the possibly of Wincest. XD Okay, I'm one sick kid, don't worry too much about that.

Also, I received a Dreamwidth invite code, so I'm located over here as well, at least, once I finished importing my old stuff over. But I think that I'll mainly post about fandom related stuff? That I'm pretty sure people aren't interested in, haha.

In other news, a whole bunch of relatives have made their way to my house, and are stealingz my silence. Not good, yo. (if I weren't so lazy, I'll have dug out some leverage macros because Hardison makes the best kind of expressions. XD) Yeah, my nephew is one annoying prat, crying and crying and crying, which of course makes his mother all worried and stuff because the whole family of theirs is currently undergoing chickenpox, or have just recently recovered. >.> I'm pretty glad that I'm immune to a certain extent... Anyway, they are currently out in the living room looking at travel pictures from when my mother and the aunts went to Shanghai, etc.

Tomorrow is another loooong trip to the other side of the island, but let's face it, it's really really the last time I'll be going there. Maybe I'll make a trip to town to pick up some books, have added more stuff onto the to-buy list, not that I have much money to be buying books now...

Think I'm going to head back into watching Supernatural now...

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Valid during several weeks: You will have quite a lot of communication with others today through conversations, letters, phone calls and so forth. Use this interchange to test out your ideas and see how people react to them. If you have made such a strong commitment to a particular position that you are unwilling to see it challenged, you may be quite upset by some of the reactions. But that would be a poor attitude to take. You can correct your thinking on a number of issues without too much difficulty now. Even with the best intentions, however, you may run into quite a bit of disagreement today. This does not necessarily mean that you are wrong but that you should reexamine your position. If you find that it is difficult to reach compromises, delay any negotiations or discussions until another day.

... Fairly accurate portrayal of my day. At least at the communication parts? Sort of met up with quite a number of people, at least more than usual. Had a fairly normal day, the usual lessons that make me sleep, like econ lectures...

Meeting up with Mandy and Jasmine again was pretty funny though. Mandy and I met first, at Woodlands, where we went off to grab a bite at the library's cafe. Her idea, not mine. (and $3.50 for iced honey lemon tea, dudddde!!) Yeah, and apparently Ati was in the area as well! XDD so we had a mini meet up and at first I thought even Ami was going to join us too. Lol, cos she had to meet with Ati to discuss some school thing? Then we wanted to call Aishah, since RP apparently finishes school at 4 and it was already 4 plus, but that girl didn't turn on her phone or something! D:

Also. I was overruled by those two... They forced me to watch 17 Again. Against my will. Argh. D: Mandy sponsored 1 buck of my 6 dollars ticket. >.> Which is actually quite silly, but who cares. Longer review on the movie coming up later. I'm going to go watch my 07-Ghost soon. But really, I think today's forecast... Spot on. I lost that silly argument over why I don't want to watch that himbo-ish movie... gah, knowing that I donated 5 bucks to Zac Efron's movie... blah. (I just have this innate dislike for him. I'm a cancerian; we are not known for being logical, haha.)

We are pretty loud together, I think... I bet members of the public would be like complaining to the school authorities about a student in uniform blatantly using violence on her friend, as well as being noisy and rowdy and illogical. Well, not my problem anyway, if people want to talk so much. (blatantly is ignoring whatever was conveyed on Thursday.)

Alright. I don't know what to talk about anymore. I shall shut up and watch my anime.

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My brother bought me a laptop cooler, which was a pleasant surprise because the laptop overheats frequently, and I had this tendency of 'burning' my wrists on the stupid thing. Until I adapted to the freaking heat recently, haha.

So went to Jurong library to study with Ami while Sze Him and Kim were no shows... D: Did my history essay, but didn't revise for the upcoming test, tried to revise maths, but fell asleep halfway through the introduction to normal distribution, did a vague outline for the Herland essay, though I think I'm like wrong, from Fatmah's proclaimation during the last literature lesson. (oh look, alliteration.) Reborrowed Murakami's The Wind Up Bird Chronicle after returning Soseki's I Am A Cat (which I still haven't finished... total fail, I tell you.) Also read through Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child's Relic, Agent Pendegast is like damn cool, he reminds me of like a totally slick Malfoy in terms of urbane and polished manners and refined looks, coupled with a caustic wit and a penchant for quotes. Lol.

There wasn't any dinner available at home, since my mother wasn't at home... so went to Yew Tee Point to grab food. Initially I wanted to get sushi... but the thongs of people really turned me away, so I went to Comics Connection to check out for random stuff, in which I met my brother and his girlfriend there as well, lol, they just finished dinner themselves. In the end, I got Subway for dinner. And I want to buy comics!! Like naked ape's DOLLS and Kuroshitsuji. Saw some very pretty colored pages on the community! With some not-so-subtle BL undertones. XDDD

Also have began to cultivate an appreciation of Shige of NEWS, he's like quite versatile, in terms of his style and image. I really miss reading his jweb... D: And his essays/interviews are usually quite interesting, in terms of content. Which reminds me of the new NEWS PV Koi no ABO! :D My adorkable JE boys! Also, in entertainment news, I think Channel U's going to be airing Boys Over Flowers soon, as I just saw a vague commercial about it! Total want because I'm still stuck on episode 3 due to personal laziness, but... sucky chinese dubs, do NOT want. (I don't know how to change the language thing... it's not on my freaking remote control!)

Right. So tomorrow's going to be like some totally loooong and tiring day... math test, all the lessons cramped into one day and also choir. Gah. Do not want. But such choices usually hold repercussions... what a false sense of 'my pace' neh.

Also. My last.fm is being cranky these few days by refusing to detect my iTunes' playlist. Wth, really?
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"Coffee should be
black as love,
strong as hell,
and sweet as death."
Hunter Burgan

My obsession with AFI hasn't died yet. XD

Choir was loooong today, thanks to the holdup from the filming thing for the 25th anniversary stuff. And sadly, I'm involved in it. So, if you do turn up for the concert and see the choir video, please ignore my ugly mug and marvel over Jonnie's wonderful high note. :D Lol, he's a soprano in disguise! Seriously.

Went to the library to return some books for my brother... and borrowed nothing for myself because loan quota was reached... gah. And I saw some very cool books! Stuff that I want to read includes Stendhal's The Red and The Black, and Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child's Relic and Flaubert's Madame Bovary.

Had Subway for lunch in which I was going to bring the food home since Woodlands' branch of Mos Burger was packed even at 2:30 pm... so in the end, went back to my own turf for food. When I bumped into my aunt who was waiting for my mother to join her for coffee, so in the end, I had lunch with them... and I wanted to watch my 07-Ghost while eating, lol.

Went grocery shopping, in which the entire layout of the supermarket was basically catered to make people consume more, and I was one of these victims, as depicted by some modern economic book which I sort of read half way before giving up last last year or something.

Going to the library to study with Amirah tomorrow, think I need to bring my undone history essay, and the lit p4 essay and math notes though I most likely won't flip through math... bloody hate the subject.
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So so much going on, haven't had a chance to post.
Putting the final touches on the AFI album.
Writing new Blaqk Audio songs.
Trying to eat good thai and mexican food.
Trying to make it to Coachella (I see Moz is the clear winner).
Trying to decide who to take on tour with us.

Jade Puget of AFI

I can't bloody wait! XDDD

Okay, reached home at about 8 plus, feeling all sort of anal and neurotic and irritated. Bathed and had dinner while watching Skip Beat which cheered me up immensely. :D I wish they would just fall in love already and stop being so wishy washy, but that's part of the fun too, I guess? Haha.

I'm not the type to work well under pressure, or surrounded by people who are feeling worked up, because more than likely, I will end up being influenced by them and get all restless and annoyed that I just turn off and work on autopilot. It's times like these that I miss Kranji... somehow, I never really felt anything while I was there, sure, liked hanging out with my friends and got frustrated over the monotony of physics lessons, and all that, but I was generally pretty alright there.... think it's part of the whole idea of growing up or whatever shit that Freud would label it as. (probably not making any sense, but inserting Freud sounds cooler than just saying... whatever? Haha.)

Am going to ignore the bloody tests tomorrow... because no one can really do anything to me, were I to fail them. Like, yeah, the teachers may 'suan' me or think I'm some pathetic, lazy, dumb student, but it's not like they can actually expel me or kill me or do anything lasting. Okay, bad attitude towards learning... but I'm too sleepy to really care.

Guess I'm just rambling on, but I think I shall be posting up more writing once I get the time to type things up and edit stuff. I'm always doing these kind of stuff when it's like one of the more crucial period of my life, what the heck is wrong with me?! D: Seriously, I did a lot of writing during Sec 4 year and exam periods... destress, much?

Okay. I shall go sleep now.
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[livejournal.com profile] solanyxe  parodies some pop culture in her merlin fanfic. Which had me cracking me totally even while I'm sick and tired. :D

this really clinched it for me:

Merlin: “I know what you are. You’re impossibly fast. And strong. Your skin is pale-white and your behaviour is now ice-cold, now fire-hot. You know, your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash. You don’t go out into the sunlight without dragging me with you.”

Arthur: “Say it. Say it out loud.”

Merlin: “A prat.”

Arthur: “Are you afraid?”

Merlin: “No.”
(familiar much? XD)

And I think I sort of got up to speed with my current affairs, in my own personal sphere as well as in the world. I sort of like speed read through an entire stack of newspapers and it took me like frigging four hours?! Granted, I was yawning and listening to music, but still, that was one giant stack of papers. I also filed up all my history stuff, but I still can't locate my national unity tutorial list... and I found that I have no more space to put my lecture notes in the file... so I had to separate between notes and tutorials and let's just say that my filing skills are terrible. Cos I keep misplacing all my stuff~!

Bought a new manga, it's called 07-Ghost, in which I had very little inkling of the storyline, but I mainly bought it because I liked the cover. Like, shallow, much? Think I shall start reading it tomorrow, since there seems to be quite a lot of breaks in between.

Argh, there's still econs though...

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Listening to complete utter crack! XD Draco Malfoy is definitely my favourite character, haha. <3

Today was a pretty slack day~ :D There wasn't much lessons, I slept through econs, daydreamed during civics and stoned during history. Lol, what a productive day! Can just see my intelligence level up. Haha.

Went to Woodlands' branch of Shieng Song (spelling?) after school to buy the stuff needed for the Family Day booth. Which is lots of milo, milk, oreos, chocolate, etc. Decided to go with them because I was gonna meet Faza at Woodlands anyway, and we ended earlier than usual because they pushed mass civics up by an hour.

Borrowed 'I Am a Cat' because I really really want to finish it. Okay, for quite a shallow reason: Shige finished it! XD (omg, I'm such a fangirl.) and there's always the less bimbo answer of it being a really awesome piece of literary work from Japan. Haha. I wanted to browse for more stuff, but Faza seemed pretty done (since I made her wait for me, lol) so... I decided that one heavy book would suffice to kill my shoulder. And it did. Gah. The thickness is on par with Murakami's Wind Up Bird Chronicle, in which I'm still stuck half way in Part II. I'm pathetic, I know.

Wandered around Causeway Point to find gifts for our friends. Different people though, and apparently with different personalities. I would know, since only Sharon was our mutual friend. :D I'm a terrible gift shopper, because I ended up looking at things for myself, saw a whole bunch of useless stuff that I wanted to buy... just because it looked pretty and... doesn't really serve a very practical function, though it does have a function. I'm not that extravagant... I think? Haha.

Had dinner with Faza, who was feeling very broke, because while she can afford to eat the expensive stuff with her other friends, she can't afford to do so with me. XD Jumped from one random topic to another; the ever usual vampires versus werewolves (like pirates versus ninjas? :D) and whether the camel is a 'traitor' and about our friends as well. :D It was awesome and I think I caught people like staring at us... in which I stared back, because... Idk, haha.

Also, totally made use of my brother's privilege as a technician at his company. Am too lazy to read the newspapers because I hate the stupid paper that they use and the ink... (I'm such a whiny, spoilt brat. D:) so I went online to randomly search for articles, after being reminded to do so while reading a fashion website, lol. Random, much? Yeah, so... I pestered my brother into helping me print them at his office. XD

Gah, my mother's nagging at me again... >.> Over something that is still pretty far, but not that far away; my friend, recent graduate from poly, is still jobless... cos apparently her field of study isn't full of great job opportunities (she does animation). ... We really should stop comparing our lives with other people, because there really is no point, but she just doesn't get it and I'm frankly too lazy to start a debate over such issues, because I'll lose very badly as we will argue in mandarin. And I have a total lack of chinese vocabulary. *facepalm*
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E-learning Day, my arse. >.> Slacked the entire day since 9 am... then I went for choir... I did check out the massive amount of work and went like WTF. Gah. And went back to downloading music XD Crossed out some stuff on my music list, like Mantenrou Opera's new single and listened to some new stuff reccommended by last.fm, like FictionJunction. And Fatmah totally got me addicted to listening to Psycho Killer! *fa fa fa fa fa fa better. run run run run run away.* Lol.

Then during choir, Hong Zhi totally ran up to me and complained about the massive chunk of literature homework, which made me very apprehensive because I just mostly skimmed through the instructions before losing interest entirely. Haha.

Fielded questions left and right over yesterday in which I know nothing of. But am highly grateful to the people who I worked with for helping me out with my rhythm problems because I can tell that they were very irritated with my timing problems... which made even my piano teacher want to wring my neck. And very touched to know that my classmates screamed loudly for us because apparently no one else would? Or so Navin told me, either that or I misunderstood his comment.

In other news, had Subway while watching episode 23 and 24. Is 25 going to be the last one?? But I want moar! Oh and I sort of bumped into my primary school classmate while buying my food! Which is damn random, but apparently she's working as a sandwich artist! I didn't recognize her at first, since I was listening to my music, feeling tired and hungry... stared blankly at the cashier for a moment while she asked me whether I wanted to take away... in which I didn't really hear her clearly... then while I was fumbling with the change, she was like, 'Is your name Evelyn' And I was like.. 'uh, yeah...?' cos I saw her nametag and I clearly never had a friend called 'Shao' so... yeah. She chuckled at my blank expression and was like 'Your primary school classmate' or something. Then I saw Jolinda, actually I saw her nametag then I was like, 'Oh, you're Jolinda Ang, right?' Okay, damn random and off topic.

Another off topic issue, my brother apparently downloaded Detroit Metal City cos I told him before I wanted to watch, but then, I already downloaded it a couple of days ago but I haven't watched yet. But he downloaded the anime too! :D Yay~! I actually quite an attention seeking brat with my brothers, always wanting their acknowledgement, so when they take the initative to do things or even talk to me, I feel happy. (Yeah, there are entire days in which I don't see or talk to them... which is quite sad. Though I will never ever tell them...)

Okay... I really ought to start on watching the many long videos for Literature. Just thinking of them makes me cringe already... they're like bloody long! Do we really have to watch EVERYTHING??! 

And there's still the Orchard Road thing tomorrow. Don't think I can finish the work assigned... and I still own Ms Cai part b of the econs essay... And there's also choir practice on Saturday... =.=
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Hmm, just realized that I haven't updated for some time, while I was mourning over a lack of updates on the other ljs that I follow.

School has only reopened for like 2 days, and I'm already sick of the routine... rushing through undone work, falling asleep at lectures (I totally zonked out during today's econs lecture. It was that terrible, on my part, that is.) and wasting money. The two e-learning days are sort of welcomed but it's sort of like a fake break, since I need to come back for choir practice in the evening on Thursday as well as go for some Orchard Road learning journey on Friday... so... I still need to attend school!

And then there's aj idol finals tomorrow, in which I'm actually pretty sick of the song, 'Come What May'. Can't wait to get it over with... think I'm going to go find scores for the songs I actually want to play, I'm currently mad over Angela Aki's Moral no Soushiki. Not only is it catchy, the transitions between the emotions playing out is well done, and the lyrics are brilliant! :D Also need to go and collect my grade 8 cert... finally passed it... by 2 marks. Utter fail... haha. But I passed. Which means I'm done with the bloody exams, I hate the exams, I'm always too nervous... Fatmah introduced me to Talking Heads' Psycho Killer which has a damn addictive chorus, but Dilana's version is more awesome because it's so much more rockish and energetic in that sense. Wished I had more time, since I have quite a lot of stuff to watch backlogged on my laptop, taking up precious space; got Skip Beat, Detroit Metal City, Blood and Chocolate, etc.
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Had an interesting day out with Mandy and Jasmine... in which we talked about random crap, things from our shared past: annoying classmates, mutual friends and old teachers, then we moved onto more serious topics, like family issues, religion, even ghosts. Haha, it's really cool that people can just easily talk and open up to each other even though we haven't met up or even spoken for ages. (my last meeting with Jasmine was 5 years ago... back when we were immature, silly kids. Not that we changed much, lol.)

Currently taking a break from my stupid history essay (I still have 46 newspaper articles, an econ essay and a literature essay. OMFG!!) even though I haven't been very efficient... since I began work at 8. Doing homework while watching tv shows is never efficient, since most of the time I end up watching the show more than concentrating on the work waiting to be completed. I can never really resist martial arts shows, haha.

There's like a lot of things buzzing at the back of my mind... but I really just can't be bothered much. Don't think I'll be able to sleep early tonight... since there's quite a lot that I need to finish up. I feel like starting to write fiction again... as a form of self therapy, using fictious characters to vent out everything that I feel.

Think I'm going off tangent on whatever subject I'm talking about... I'm tired, but I can't go to sleep yet due to piled up work from before, and I need to wake up early tomorrow. Think I'm most likely not going to sleep tonight or something. Tsk... I don't even know what I'm talking about here!
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It's raining! :D Gives one the feeling of release, like... all the pent up negative emotions are being washed clean. Small signs of salvation from the universe? Anyway, finally managed to complete my gp essay, indeed, I work better with noise around me, be it inane chatter beside me or random music that I generally don't pay attention to, they all work pretty well, since I could concentrate better. Now I ought to be reading through econs, at least. Maths, sort of like ignoring it because even if you fail, you'll most likely do the same retest as the original questions, which means... I'm not seeing the point of taking it tomorrow really. But, if it keeps her happy and non-naggy... I suppose I could at least be mature about it...

EDIT: Okay... so studying econs is an entire lie because the weather's sort of making me all sleepy... kekeke, excuses, but still. Yeah... I'll worry about it when I get there or something.

And apparently it's midnight over at Japan already? So yeah, happy birthday to my favourite 'emokid', Ryuutarou from PuraTuri. He's like... 36? Which makes him... three times as old as I am?! Holy batman! XD
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I had a lot of scathing things to say, nearly an entire rant to unleash my discontentment, but after a hot shower and internal reflection, I find myself thinking about how immature I really am. Am I really that incapable of holding my emotions in check? Do I really have to have an opinion on every single thing? Must I react to people all the time? And what's the point of dwelling in the past?

No point absorbing negative energies or worsening things. Instead, I advocate the tactic of withdrawal, in other words, ignore. After all, this would ensure that everyone is pacified, no one gets hurt by your remarks and you can go through life without having to watch out for your back.

I was basically annoyed with everything going on in my small piece of sky, but I decided that after the worst happens, all it can do is just to start getting better, because that is how the universe works, sort of. Like, there is a point in which everything goes to pieces, yet when you reach there, all that can happen is a return to the original state. Which is what I'm kind of waiting for, everything to subside. (would that mean death?)

Throw out opinions, prejudices, and theories until there is nothing left. Then throw out the nothing.

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Reached home 5 minutes before 11pm, and is extremely tired, to the extent that I nearly tripped on nothing twice on the way home, of course I didn't really fall, because I'm oh-so-graceful. (NOT.) Anyway, (and this is the pwoper spelling, sherilyn! XD) was hanging out with some of the class, namely, Thon and Jia Li (Sherilyn and Sharon abandoned us. D:) Shaun and Jia Min and Min Jie. Ate dinner at Pizza Hut and went to MacDonalds for coffee. Lol. We apparently are very free and not all too keen at the idea of going home. In which we sat at like Mac and gossiped and basically annoy other people around us for two hours? We left at about 10pm plus...

Our audition for AJ Idol was nothing spectacular (some of which was due to me in which I apologize) but thanks to the 'groupies' who stayed back all the way to 6 plus to cheer for us :D It's during such times that having friends is great, haha. (I'm so superficial.) Some bands were pretty good, some... made me cringe inside but I shalln't voice anything bad because of karma.

Was highly amused by picspams of TH, which considerably brightened up the remainder of my night, lol. Am also thinking of a way to persaude my second brother to give me his old phone because he just bought a new one, this current nokia phone of me is total suck because... well, it's like listening to a... the-device-before-discman-was-created while others are owning brand new iPods. 3: It's an extremely sad feeling. Trust me. Haha.

Am going to Fatmah's house tomorrow to bake cookies for the fundraising thing for the Service-Learning thing even though my cooking/baking skillz are completely nil. Lol, I'm not domestically trained. (I plan to go for a raw diet once I start living on my own.)
“To be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night & day, to make you everybody else — means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; & never stop fighting.” — e e cummings
The quote reminds me of existentialism in which we were made to discuss during literature lesson first thing on a Friday morning. Like... whut... it's Friday, why won't they let us off the heavy stuff? But I actually like learning about such stuff, I don't always get the philosophical meanings when I read Nietzche or Plato or Descartes etc. GP was also fun, especially all the hilarious presentations of various supernatural creatures. (I still think that the popobawa pwn them all. XD.) Since generally, I don't venture into the ghost/folklore territories when it comes to writing/reading/researching paranormal creatures. I still stick very strongly to my favourites, pantheons of gods/goddesses and demons and vampires and werewolves and magic.

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Did nothing productive today... other than going to school and pretending to know what's going on in lessons. Damn, I totally should be an actor lah, so good at lying. (lol, or at least part of the leverage crew?)

Came back knackered after choir practice (yay, Eric Whitacre pieces, does that mean we can ditch the SYF pieces for now?)... and drooled over picspams of cute guys. From Patrick Wolf to MATSUJUN and PI!!! ZOMG, haha, my brain was broken by them... while they might be dated, I don't ever get tired of staring at their faces.

Currently on my watching list, I have finally caught up to episode 20 of Skip Beat!! Still lagging behind on Soul Eater, at 38, and Kuroshitsuji at 14 and finished Junjou Romantica S2, and I need to go and watch Boys Over Flowers too... And start on Gintama...

Anyway, life has been an exceedingly dull routine these days, leaving me with hardly any 'me' time, damn it, I'm totally going to go out on Saturday, I don't care where to, or with who, just out, doing something.

The rain today was also brilliant, love the thunder and the lightning, so very dramatic, like listening to Lux Aterna while I walked home after school just now. Haha.

Also am done with the piano exam, in which I'm hoping desperately to pass this time round because the examiner was damn nice, so I can finally move on to doing random pieces that I like instead of getting nagged at to practice scales/pieces, yada yada.

I find myself still very easily swayed by the words of others and therefore becoming very judgemental, which is stupid, really, because you can't trust luck or prayer or mercy or other people. (lol, I managed to remember this without referring to the paper!)

Okay, update is over. Back to doing srs work... which is like... slacking and going off to sleep. Haha.

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I totally love this icon. Ianto and his humor!! XD

college cip was blah. Basically we were productive and efficient in collecting the junk that the school wanted, yet they were extremely inefficient in doing the second part of the job which is picking up said junk. I mean, we finished the 6 blocks meant for us at about 11:30 rounded up, and the lorries only arrived like, 2 hours later to get the newspapers/clothes/whatever. The time in between was horrible because I was feeling totally gross, running up and down creates perspiration and warm local climate means humidness. Factor in 20 people or so, it's fucking uncomfortable. And there were only 4 seats available meaning that at most 12 people can squish on them while others can stand or sit on the floor. Some of the guys sat on newspaper piles instead, which later caused the neat piles to become all messed up. And the one thing I couldn't stand was the dirt on my hands. It was black from the newspaper, and sticky to touch from the heat and dirty food wrappers from the sweets and chocolates my classmates handed out for v-day.

and because of the loooong delay, we were late for the ihdc rehearsals... so we had to rush and change and all that without even given the chance to cool off. Gross. Really. D: Just thinking of it now make me feel all... ewwww.

we watched the other houses performed and... well. We weren't as good for one. But some groups were just plain screechy and that was annoying. I really liked the Egyptian idea although I think all the Pharoahs collectively turned in their pyramids. Haha. But they didn't get first... pity. The wedding one got first... and I like to suspect that it's because they incoporated the whole school motto into the ending, sucking up to the judges who were the teachers, but... nah... it's not like the teachers are that loyal to the school... right?

anyway, our house didn't win... can't say I didn't expect it even though we did hope that we would have a chance to win. Ahaha, my role was of this assertive, controlling manager, so I tried to channel Syafiqah, who is one of the most assertive person I know, and I think I epic failed at it. Lol. (luckily she wasn't there, because I'm pretty sure she would just tear me to pieces for that lousy impersonation. and I'm about as assertive as a lamb, meaning that I'll just blink at you *innocently* and go 'baaaaa' :3) And Sofia really did a lot to help us throughout the whole rehearsals and everything even though she wasn't obliged to. :D (I totally love the postcard she gave

went out for dinner with Sharon and Angela and Min Jie and Jia MIn after that. And I totally forgot that I didn't bring my wallet until we reached the bus stop. (I found out about that fact on the way to school this morning, when I had already passed by Yishun. Very smart, I know) Anyway, Angela was so kind to lend me 10 bucks! (omg!!! you're my new bff nao!! haha)

reached home about 10 plus in the end and wasted time... so yeah. That sums up my Friday the 13th. Nothing too unlucky except the whole forgetting the wallet part... but that may be just my innate carelessness talking.
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Went to the 4d class chalet yesterday and expected to be very bored. But Darryl brought his Guitar Hero! So we were highly entertained, with antics of Chee How and my own terrible playing, haha, it's been ages since I last played on the wii, about a year ago or so, if I bothered to check the archives at my old blog. And using the xbox console just felt weird to me, especially when doing chords, like the brain cannot comprehend the buttons, haha, I just have bad hand-brain coordination.

Ate quite a lot too, but not as much as Atiqah, because Hong Da was sort of serving us when we first came, he made frequent trips to give us satays and stingrays and chicken wings.

Ended up going home pretty late thanks to Guitar Hero, haha, I was planning to sort of eat-and-run, but the game made me stay. Luckily, Faza's parents were willing to pick us up, so I didn't reach home too late. Ami and Chin and Ati went off pretty early because Pasir Ris is really very far...

Slacked a bit when I got back, watched Demons and... well, it's alright, I mean, it's my genre, but... sort of boring? Maybe it's because I read and watch a lot of stuff in the supernatural genre, so it takes a lot to get me interested.

Well, a whole bunch of relatives came down today to prepare the food for the Lunar New Year... so it was quite noisy and all that and I'm supposed to be finishing up my homework but I got sidetracked... read 4 volumes of Her Majesty's Dog and it's really quite amusing even though it's not that original to me. Ended up watching three episodes of Torchwood because I couldn't resist even though I told myself to start rationing or else I'll run out of episodes before season 3 is out.

So now... thinking of just going off and read a good book since I went to the library earlier and borrowed quite a number of them... Damn, I sort of wish I was Owen, you know, being dead. =_= No need to really do anything, cos you're dead. And you can read to your heart's content, I wouldn't mind giving up food and sex and breathing for eternity and no more aging.



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