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my spoils of the day: Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh, Samurai Champloo and Demon Diary. Three random pairs of earrings and ACJC choir concert notes.

So I sort of abandoned math remedial to hang out with Faza. In which we went to Cineleisure to watch Star Trek but epicly failed by not checking the time slots beforehand. There was only one time slot and we missed it by half an hour or so. And Lido's only screening time was at 9pm. D: (but there's aways torrents to rely on.)

Ended up having lunch at Pastamania and later went onto Suntec to some book fair thing in which there was a lack of good books (and an abundance of chinese books) so I ended up buying manga which were cheaper than normal, though there were a lot of sucky titles around as well. (I want to rewatch Samurai Champloo!)

After a few rounds of aimless wondering, we ended up going shopping instead, in which I saw quite a number of stuff that I wanted to buy, mainly shoes, except that I can't walk in heels and expect myself to not trip unglamorously.

Faza left at about 7pm, leaving me behind as I went on to watch ACJC's choir concert at the Esplanade. (and also the reason why I chose to go to the Suntec book fair instead of some Da Vinci exhibition at the science center, heh.) It's quite strange going to a concert alone and sitting beside random strangers, but I find that I don't mind, and it's like pretty cool in that sense? Haha, anyway, I'll be alone for the Moscow Chamber Choir thing as well.

The concert ended at about 9 plus, and I then spent about an hour hanging around HMV. At first, I was just going in to check out whether they had Patrick Wolf's new album, in which they did, at freaking $28. (I am highly in doubt of their prices after charging me $28.50 for AFI's Decemberunderground where I found it at $20 somewhere else.) But I ended up hanging around more because I suddenly saw that they were airing Laraku's newest live concert dvd! Although I was listening to Damaris, I suddenly recognized Hyde's voice from the speakers and I was like :DDDD and I immediately turned my attention to the tv sets and watched for quite some time. Haha. It wasn't until the fact that I was afraid there weren't any trains left that made me leave.

So yeah, quite a fun day out, but NO STAR TREK! ):

(ended up spending $12 on food; $7 on coffee; $5 on earrings; $10 on manga; $9 on book; $2 on file: a total of $45?! OMFG)
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Blisters dotted my feet. I have chosen the freaking wrong shoes to take a long walk. =_=

Met up with Min Jie and Sherilyn. Who were both late! D: And I thought I would be late. But no. I was actually on the dot. But what's the point? At least I was sort of entertained, reading through Gentlemen of the Road by Michael Chabon. Too bad I didn't finished it... and it was overdue by 4 days! omfg. And I actually didn't notice...

Yeah, walked around a few areas, from Outram Park to Bugis etc. From 11 plus to like 4 plus... with minimal breaks. Gosh. My feet just ached, I tell you. Saw a whole bunch of interesting things, but nothing that I could have afforded to buy.

The weather was bad, terribly hot. The merciless sun showed no pity and I think turned us all a little delirious. At least I felt really cranky and sharp from the weather. Lol.

After parting with them at around 4 plus, 5, I headed towards Jurong East, dumped my books and on to Daiso. Which inadvertably I got lost in again. Yeah... I ended up spending an hour or so in there... when I could have got everything that I wanted under half an hour... but no... a lot of time was spent on wandering around in search of stuff. Haha, I asked this staff member where bluetack could be found, and she thought for a moment before telling me it's under stationery. And... I was like thinking mentally why the heck couldn't she point out where the stationery section was?! T3T Instead, I walked for another round before finally finding the darn stationery section. But I still couldn't find the bluetack. =_= In the end, I decided that it's saner for me to buy it elsewhere! Haha.

... So yeah, this is the story behind my dead feet.
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... exhausted. I'm not much of a shopper... this trip just killed my legs. I am seriously tired. D:

=_= )

Strangely, we also heard 'Please Don't Stop the Music' 6 or 7 times today as we were shop-hopping. *sweatdrop*

EDIT: I have no idea why Sneha was so aghast that the shopkeeper that I bought the snake bracelet from had his hands around my neck... I mean, he was helping me with wearing the necklace... so... erm... I don't see anything offensive. Or am I just... slow? *blinks* And strangely as well... Jia Li was angry on my behalf or something. Same thing with Sharon and Sherilyn was like, I'll have freaked out... Oh well.
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Went out yesterday on the pretext of going to the library. Which I did. And I picked up two books that I wanted so badly to read. :D
Lilith Saintcrow's Dante Valentine series, Saint City Sinners and Scott Cunningham's The Magic of Food.

Then I went to Daiso and basically wasted a whole lot of money there. It's funny that even though everything only cost 2 bucks, yet, I managed to spend nearly a week's worth of allowance. Splurging; it's a talent. Lol.

Yup, most of these are for my pet project.
Gah, there's still a ton lot of things I wanna buy, like the corkboard, chalk, paint, wooden panels, etc etc.
XD I think I'll go again the next week or something.
Oh dear, do I sound like a daiso addict? Haha.



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