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年紀越輕的時候,似乎真的就越是沒有煩惱,腦袋裡想的事... 就是這麼單純~
好希望能夠擁有哪個電動玩具主機,哪片遊戲卡帶... 諸如此類看似無聊~卻對當時的我有著非凡意義的事物
現在想起來... 那樣天真而單純,無憂無慮的時光,好像已經離自己好遠好遠了~

things to do during the June holidays will include:
♠ watching movies: Star Trek (liek, finally!) and Blood: The Last Vampire (:DDD)
♠ catching up with various doramas: X Family; San Guo; Supernatural; Glee
♠ going to concerts: ACJC choir concert and Moscow State Chamber Choir :3
♠ revising my work: Literature (hopefully with Faza); GP; History; Econs; Maths (I really really need to do so!) D:
♠ cleaning up: my room in general and catch up with filing and getting rid of useless post-its and reorganizing my bookshelf
♠ growing up: trying to find your pace in life, doing things that will make oneself smile, watching the skies, catching up with friends!
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Argh, literature essay due tomorrow.

I am so going to be slaughtered... I'm still stuck on the bloody first paragraph, and I'm darn sleepy already... >.>

Some things that I want to post:
- a Roy/Ed ship manifesto + personal recs for future references
- Wolverine review
- VJ concert review
- Sanguine chapter

... D: I don't get what's wrong with the last.fm thing... I mean... why cannot detect?!



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