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Just a little more and the moon will be full, but the stream of moonlight that enters my room is really pretty, since I'm typing this in the dark, and the only thing illuminated would be the laptop screen and that beam of moonlight from way above. (my mother has been nagging at me to go to sleep, so yeah.)

I'm feeling waaay energetic, I think it sort of has to do with the alcohol that I downed this afternoon, mango and gin mixed, taste damn brilliant, and coupled with bittersweet chocolate and good, loud music... hmm. I think my mother would have killed me if she knew that our neighbor has snuck me alcohol, hoho.)

Anyway, my eldest brother is back from Taiwan! And he gave me two thumbdrives, like, finally! :D And a Domo-kun handphone holder! It's so cute! Haha, yes, I like Domo-kun because it looks so... straightforward. Lol.

The past few days were spent not on studying. I tried. But I fell asleep halfway. And only woke up to watch K.O3an guo. I know. I suck. And I want to watch Blood: The Last Vampire. And I also have been rewatching Samurai Champloo and overdosing on Atobe/Jiroh fanfic. x.x I am so dead for the upcoming exams... *headdesk*
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Wasted an entire day today... I got home at about 3, and washed up and stoned before the laptop, loading up K.O3 and promptly crashed in bed from 4 to 8. D: Tried to read through my GP file, but gave up to watch Xiu. Haha, I'm so useless lah.

GP lecture was BORING!!! Four complete hours of stoning, I tell ya. I'm eternally grateful that my class is highly quirky, so I ended up being entertained by those around me. Lol, the conversation topics are damn random, from various 'gay' cartoon characters to discussing about SJ and fairytales and patriotic songs, while keeping an eye out for teachers who would catch us for our disruptive behavior.

Ended up having lunch with some of the guys and Sharon and later went back with Shaun who is highly interesting to talk to.

Sadly, there's math tomorrow. And I'm still streaming K.O3. I think tomorrow will be some sort of a replay for today in which I'll probably stay up watching drama till like 3 and getting so tired midday that I'll just sleep away the afternoon and watch the cycle restart itself. And speaking of restarting, my laptop is getting a little temperamental. Anyone has any idea what does it mean by 'Kernel Processor Power: The speed of processor 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 4 seconds since the last report.' I can't really ask my eldest brother since he's away in Taiwan for work currently and my second brother's timings are opposite of mine, (when I wake up, he's already gone to work, when I'm asleep, he comes home.)
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The end is finally in sight, and I breathe a sigh of relief.

It's sort of nice coming home and sitting down before the television, without any random stray thought about homework nagging at the back of your mind. Not that that isn't homework, but no lessons tomorrow! :D But on the other hand, there's SYF. Haha.

I think that if all goes well tomorrow and all that jazz, I shall reward myself by finally getting that NEWS album. :D (but I'm not sure which album to buy without getting ripped off. D: And anyway, I just want to give myself an excuse to get that cd, damn it, I can see through your ploy, you desperate fangirl!)

But I think that really, this week is damn hectic. There are lots of homework suddenly, and I really really begin to dread the monotony of school. Seriously, the only thing I look forward to now is going home. >.> Which is sad because that's really not the point of going to school.

Tomorrow's forecast:
Try to use today to get a clearer idea of where you are in your life and how well you have fulfilled your spiritual and material needs. In various ways your ideals will be appealed to today. Someone may request your help, or you may be called upon to work for others, with no direct or immediate benefit for you except for the satisfaction of doing good work. A kind of idealistic romanticism may be a factor in your relationships today, which is perfectly all right if it enables you to experience beauty. But do not let your idealism convince you that your loved ones are any more than ordinary humans. You are inclined to give way to others' demands and to put your own needs in second place. Make certain that the persons for whom you do this are worthy of your self-sacrifice.
I have no idea what I got to interpret from that chunk of text. >.> So... I guess I'll just burn the bridge when I reach it? Haha.

Also, saw this on iCiNG which I feel that is brilliant. And somehow reminds me of Xavier and Del. (I'm getting schmoopy in my old age. -.-)
One of the great lessons of relationships — in my mind — revolves around learning to love an imperfect person. That is all that anyone is. No one is ideal, no one is going to tick all your boxes & be this immaculate creature. Ever. Once you’ve come to terms with that, it’s time to assess whether their imperfections are the sort of thing you can love… or leave. Some character traits are a total dealbreaker, while others you might decide are worth putting up with.
Last.fm is being a bitch. >.> gah. And I think I need to pack my bag already... if I'm going to go sleep before it's 11...

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A few years late, but I finally decided to get onto the Supernatural bandwagon. :D It is awesome enough, there's snark, blood and gore, mystery, horrible unresolved angsty pasts, paranormal creatures written with a lot of artistic license, and the possibly of Wincest. XD Okay, I'm one sick kid, don't worry too much about that.

Also, I received a Dreamwidth invite code, so I'm located over here as well, at least, once I finished importing my old stuff over. But I think that I'll mainly post about fandom related stuff? That I'm pretty sure people aren't interested in, haha.

In other news, a whole bunch of relatives have made their way to my house, and are stealingz my silence. Not good, yo. (if I weren't so lazy, I'll have dug out some leverage macros because Hardison makes the best kind of expressions. XD) Yeah, my nephew is one annoying prat, crying and crying and crying, which of course makes his mother all worried and stuff because the whole family of theirs is currently undergoing chickenpox, or have just recently recovered. >.> I'm pretty glad that I'm immune to a certain extent... Anyway, they are currently out in the living room looking at travel pictures from when my mother and the aunts went to Shanghai, etc.

Tomorrow is another loooong trip to the other side of the island, but let's face it, it's really really the last time I'll be going there. Maybe I'll make a trip to town to pick up some books, have added more stuff onto the to-buy list, not that I have much money to be buying books now...

Think I'm going to head back into watching Supernatural now...

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So... am taking a break off homework. Actually, just the compiling of .ppt for the group, since big Shaun hasn't finished his. And I'm procrastinating the gp outline thing to tomorrow. Most likely rush it out during math or the break before gp itself. Not like we will have the luxury of time during the actual exam, so might as well give oneself as little time as possible. Of course, this is also the mentality of the lazy. Hehe.

School has been quite mundane and horribly boring these few days, choir has been hectic, but it's only a few days left to go before liberation, so I shall be a mature individual about things.

Retail therapy made me happy. Bought some stuff from Body Shop the other day, and really, the seaweed purifying facial cleanser thing that they had is actually quite decent. It smells good and seems to work pretty well. Also bought more accessories while out with Aishah on Sunday, including a snake ring, which I have been searching for for quite some time. And yesterday while hanging out with Faza, I bought a notebook which I have entirely no use for because I have many other unfilled notebooks. But it simply looked quite pretty. So I bought it. No, I do not have extra money though. >.> I'm thinking of buying NEWS' color album... it's about 19 bucks, I think. But there are two versions, so I'm not sure which to get...

Okay. I think I should head off to sleep soon. My eyes are already closing out of their own volition. D: I can't wait for Friday to come, the only day for sleeping in...
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[01] got caught up to speed with the current th wank... apparently, the twins are being stalked by a group of aggressive and crazy fangirls who are acting really irrationally and beyond immature. But they are generally A LOT of publicity. And that's my take...

[02] THIS is made of win! I want to watch Avatar, with a proper cast, not one where I'll make disparaging comments at the screen. And also why I won't even think about watching the Dragonball or Street Fighter movie. Gah.

[03] Blood+ movie! :DDDD I saw the trailer while waiting to catch 17 Again. I think it's airing only in June, but that's alright! XD

[04] Thinking of finally re-watching X Family, since I never finished it and I wouldn't mind marathoning all 55 episodes just to see Jiro and Danson. <3

[05] On the anime side, I'm very very pleased with 07-Ghost. Really, the music is pretty decent too. Things are making much more sense to me as well, because I don't really get the chinese translation in the manga. Lol.

[06] Speaking of manga, DOGS is brilliant! Just started on volume 1 and it's full of everything that I like: violence, hot guys, humor, bad attitude, gangs, science experiments and revenge plots, the list could go on! I couldn't find it in Kino though... and it didn't start at volume 1 in Comic Connection. T.T

[07] Spotted an advertisment for the Merlin DVD in Lot One. But I couldn't find it... lol. Think I need to go ask the shop assistant... but the store was too crowded the other day. Yeah. And I had two fics to rec... but I closed the tabs already... D:

[08] MYV has a new site! :D That dear boy is certainly going at it fullspeed, eh.
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NEWS never fails to amuse me. <3 Been a bad fan lately, until I recently read [profile] peroxide_fic 's take on how they filmed this MV. Which was completely ridiculously trufax. XD And this totally proves Mr Ang's theory, that it is usually the girls who are obsessed with fanfiction. Haha.

history test today was just epic fail, I realised that I am frankly not a genius or even good at retaining information on a most basic level.
and seriously, cough medicine makes me really drowsy. And it tastes so suspicious, I don't understand why there are people who are addicted to it. o_O

plowed through 2/3 of Dance Dance Dance today as well. Murakami's the kind of writer in which I either just stop reading and don't go back to it, or he immerses me within the story that I just don't want it to end, and I start to see intertextuality in his other works. On the other hand, Gaiman's the kind that I either love or hate. I adored his novels and the Sandman series, but till now, I still can't finish his short stories.

coughing has also gotten worse... I am not going to relish being asked to sing in quartet tomorrow, given the lousy quality of my voice... it's hardly here nor there. Mr Kwei will most likely shout at us... and tear up our scores. >.> And I'm not even sure whether I'm joking or being serious. More of the latter, I guess, since Monday's practice was apparently intimidating... Gah

Alright. Heading off to my bed now, even though I suppose there is work to be done.
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My brother bought me a laptop cooler, which was a pleasant surprise because the laptop overheats frequently, and I had this tendency of 'burning' my wrists on the stupid thing. Until I adapted to the freaking heat recently, haha.

So went to Jurong library to study with Ami while Sze Him and Kim were no shows... D: Did my history essay, but didn't revise for the upcoming test, tried to revise maths, but fell asleep halfway through the introduction to normal distribution, did a vague outline for the Herland essay, though I think I'm like wrong, from Fatmah's proclaimation during the last literature lesson. (oh look, alliteration.) Reborrowed Murakami's The Wind Up Bird Chronicle after returning Soseki's I Am A Cat (which I still haven't finished... total fail, I tell you.) Also read through Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child's Relic, Agent Pendegast is like damn cool, he reminds me of like a totally slick Malfoy in terms of urbane and polished manners and refined looks, coupled with a caustic wit and a penchant for quotes. Lol.

There wasn't any dinner available at home, since my mother wasn't at home... so went to Yew Tee Point to grab food. Initially I wanted to get sushi... but the thongs of people really turned me away, so I went to Comics Connection to check out for random stuff, in which I met my brother and his girlfriend there as well, lol, they just finished dinner themselves. In the end, I got Subway for dinner. And I want to buy comics!! Like naked ape's DOLLS and Kuroshitsuji. Saw some very pretty colored pages on the community! With some not-so-subtle BL undertones. XDDD

Also have began to cultivate an appreciation of Shige of NEWS, he's like quite versatile, in terms of his style and image. I really miss reading his jweb... D: And his essays/interviews are usually quite interesting, in terms of content. Which reminds me of the new NEWS PV Koi no ABO! :D My adorkable JE boys! Also, in entertainment news, I think Channel U's going to be airing Boys Over Flowers soon, as I just saw a vague commercial about it! Total want because I'm still stuck on episode 3 due to personal laziness, but... sucky chinese dubs, do NOT want. (I don't know how to change the language thing... it's not on my freaking remote control!)

Right. So tomorrow's going to be like some totally loooong and tiring day... math test, all the lessons cramped into one day and also choir. Gah. Do not want. But such choices usually hold repercussions... what a false sense of 'my pace' neh.

Also. My last.fm is being cranky these few days by refusing to detect my iTunes' playlist. Wth, really?
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Okay... finished up the write up for literature, in which I think there isn't any other pressing homework due... right?

Crashed H2 Maths lecture with Sherilyn in which their teachers seem much more interesting than ours. Maybe it's the case of the greener grass on the other side, but I'm exactly that type of person, *laughs*. I'm utterly fascinated with new things and even though they may not be better than the old one, I immediately think it's much better. Yes, I am biased like that. But I sort of paid more attention during that math lecture than any of the H1 lectures I have attended. Well, I guess, teachers nowadays not only have to teach, but also need to know how to maintain their students' attention... in which my teacher doesn't seem to be doing because no one has any real interest in the subject. Not her fault, of course, but it's really irksome to not understand something... Yeah.

Had initially wanted to go book shopping, wanted to get this philosophy book that I saw the other day, and was a little tempted to pick up more Murakami, having just finished Sputnik Sweetheart and started on Dance, Dance, Dance. But it was sort of late after a long lunch with Sneha and Min Jie. We're good at crapping and wasting time, I guess. So I was sleepy and went home and promptly went to take a nap after my hair dried only to wake up in time for dinner...in which I really didn't want to wake up...

Had this strange dream just now... about my bag being spoiled... that there was this hole and there was actually stuffing falling out, which makes no sense. Haha, is this my subconscious prodding me into going shopping?

Also, just discovered this band called Scarling. Has anyone heard of them? Any opinions? I have heard only one song from them, which isn't enough to form any opinion yet.
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mass update because I was tired/lazy/unmotivated to post the past few days.

had a tiny bitching session just now, nothing too mean, but it's really disconcerting about people's perspectives and the different sides of the stories that you get from different people. Shall not delve further into that, since it's really none of my business after all...
moving on... )

Yeah. I think I rest my case.

And I don't know whether I'm meeting Jasmine and Mandy tomorrow or Amirah. Haha. And I'm broke. It's just wonderful.

random thought: school is like a freaking vampire. lol.
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07-Ghost is coming out on April 6. Which is so darn coincidental, since I only started reading the first manga like today and totally loved the glimpse of the complex world that is created. I don't really get why people diss manga, that they are juvenile and silly, because if you would really bother to read, you can see just how much is put into each of them, there is really a lot more to consider when it comes to drawing out your story, there's the style, the settings, the use of techniques, the way you want to portray certain angles etc, and that's only the art side. There's still the plot and many of the stories out there have much more complex issues and the world building can really be that detailed, some of which you don't even find that in real fiction.

... That turned into a rant. >. > I think I'm in a real 'debating' mood today, was sort of arguing over education stuff with Sneha and Min Jie on the way back... in which I think we sort of freaked out the other passengers who could probably hear us clearly... haha, and they probably think we are like some weird freaks. Then Faza and I talked about a whole bunch of random topics, it was hilarious, especially since I digressed and digressed just to make my point.

Anyway, just came back after having dinner at New York New York with the family plus one girlfriend, cos it was my mother's birthday yesterday, in which I sort of forgot in the morning... I mean, like I don't even remember my own name in the morning sometimes, let alone the date... so yeah, I'm like way stuffed now... because of the wonderful food, had pasta and random samplings off the other plates. And root beer float! XD

My eldest brother is flying off to Thailand tomorrow for work, but it's only for like... 3 days? So... it's just like him staying overnight at his girlfriend's place? Haha.

... I suddenly have this feeling that the more you care for a person, the more you feel scared. It's random, but it feels ominous. Or it could just be me being paranoid.

From the far side of this sparkling lake, you wave at me, watching me
I chase you, but the moment I grab your arm, you fade away

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I am carefully avoiding my nephew who is currently down with a bout of chickenpox. While I may have been infected with that troublesome illness before, when I was like 4, there is a high possbility of me getting it again, since my skin didn't erupt badly with red spots, and I recovered within three days or so... according to my mother.

Anyway, school wasn't very good today... didn't do a whole bunch of homework, like literature, econs and math and history; ended up copying a lot of stuff from Sneha. And I got like an insane amount of GP articles to catch up on, in which I totally blatantly ripped off from Navin. You two are definitely my saviours for today! XD

I'm currently working my way through Murakami's Sputnik Sweetheart. And I felt that I have to shamelessly point this out. XD

Sumire wasn't exactly a beauty. Her cheeks were sunken, her mouth a little too wide. Her nose was on the small side and upturned. She had an expressive face and a great sense of humour, though she hardly ever laughed out loud. She was short, and even in a good mood she talked like she was half a step from picking a fight. I never knew her to use lipstick or eyebrow pencil, and I have my doubts that she even knew bras came in different sizes.

Ahaha, this feels like me being described, not the physical features, except for the short part, of course. I know my lack of height very well, haha. But I shamelessly felt that Murakami could be describing me. Lol. Okay. Whatever.

In other news, was very 'sad' and 'disappointed' that the clique went out without me and saw Fahrenheit without me. D: Lol. And my laptop is super laggy now, due to a lack of space because I have been discovering lots of new music.

Also made plans to meet up with Faza tomorrow! :DDD It's been ages since we last met, as choir and school work means that I have a dying social life.

It looks like it's going to rain now which is total awesome because rain is just brilliant and I love the random streaks of lightning flashing across the sky, I always get this mental picture of a silent symphony or something. :3
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Hmm, just realized that I haven't updated for some time, while I was mourning over a lack of updates on the other ljs that I follow.

School has only reopened for like 2 days, and I'm already sick of the routine... rushing through undone work, falling asleep at lectures (I totally zonked out during today's econs lecture. It was that terrible, on my part, that is.) and wasting money. The two e-learning days are sort of welcomed but it's sort of like a fake break, since I need to come back for choir practice in the evening on Thursday as well as go for some Orchard Road learning journey on Friday... so... I still need to attend school!

And then there's aj idol finals tomorrow, in which I'm actually pretty sick of the song, 'Come What May'. Can't wait to get it over with... think I'm going to go find scores for the songs I actually want to play, I'm currently mad over Angela Aki's Moral no Soushiki. Not only is it catchy, the transitions between the emotions playing out is well done, and the lyrics are brilliant! :D Also need to go and collect my grade 8 cert... finally passed it... by 2 marks. Utter fail... haha. But I passed. Which means I'm done with the bloody exams, I hate the exams, I'm always too nervous... Fatmah introduced me to Talking Heads' Psycho Killer which has a damn addictive chorus, but Dilana's version is more awesome because it's so much more rockish and energetic in that sense. Wished I had more time, since I have quite a lot of stuff to watch backlogged on my laptop, taking up precious space; got Skip Beat, Detroit Metal City, Blood and Chocolate, etc.
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was trying to do homework but got distracted by youtube and shiney videos. Finally remembered to watch SuJu's Sorry Sorry MV and live performance, which was surprisingly good. I normally don't like boybands. And Adam Lambert's take on Ring of Fire. Now, I'm not a fan of country music or American Idol in general because country isn't my genre and AI... is also not my thing. But, but I definitely like this version; something very exotic sounding, reminds me of snakes and gold, and Egyptian myths... Haha, I only listened because I was sort of... annoyed with Yongzhen and Sara discussing AI over my head cause I was sitting in between them. Yes. Very lame reason.

and there were some who felt that Lambert's take on the song is highly similar to Dilana's, who has an awesome sounding voice too. I sort of like the husky, dark sounding voices as compared to those which are brighter.

but anyway, this totally makes me feel like watching American Idol, at least just to watch how far this guy can go.

I don't know why I'm still awake since I have to wake up early to meet Mandy and Jasmine tomorrow. Lol. Today has been tiring; waking up at about 5 plus in the freaking morning, running after small kids at Fort Canning for SL, rushing here and there for choir exchange at VJC, and hurrying back to Novena to meet Jia Li and Jonathon for practice session and finally trudging home listening to Dragonforce feeling very weary, weighed down by the thoughts of homework and my lack of revision. So screwed, I tell you, when the day comes that I start panicking over my studies... the end of the world has got to be coming soon.
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ah, I'm such a terrible fan... finally decided to buy AFI's Sing the Sorrow from Borders after realizing that HMV is too overpriced... yeah, I'm dumb, so sue me. Actually, I should have held out until I got the UK edition because I still don't have 'Now the World'... I used to have it but my computer crashed... anyone has it?

I don't get why people don't like this album of theirs because I've seen so many theories concerning this album all over the net, especially when it first came out, back in the days in which I was still a brat getting a dollar a day as 'salary', aka too poor to afford the album unless I starve for a month or so.

going away to camp over at school... =_= I'm not exactly looking forward to it because I'm an extremely lazy person who craves the ease and comfort of staying at home. Dumping me with a bunch of enthusiastic people is certainly not my idea of fun, and then there's all the heavy things to lug around... *headdesk*

there's still the sl project thing looming at the back of my mind, as well as aj idol practices and choir related stuff and of course, homework. Excellent ways to spend a supposedly free week. And I've made some plans with other people that I'm currently feeling terribly confused over... so, I'm to meet Mandy and Jasmine on Saturday, right? Or did I set that date off for Faza already? When can I squeeze out time to go watch movie with Sharon? Argh. I need to be more organized, Kim, you ought to be gotten me an organizer too! XD
okay, going off to sleep since rambling on and on isn't going to make anything any better...
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It's raining! :D Gives one the feeling of release, like... all the pent up negative emotions are being washed clean. Small signs of salvation from the universe? Anyway, finally managed to complete my gp essay, indeed, I work better with noise around me, be it inane chatter beside me or random music that I generally don't pay attention to, they all work pretty well, since I could concentrate better. Now I ought to be reading through econs, at least. Maths, sort of like ignoring it because even if you fail, you'll most likely do the same retest as the original questions, which means... I'm not seeing the point of taking it tomorrow really. But, if it keeps her happy and non-naggy... I suppose I could at least be mature about it...

EDIT: Okay... so studying econs is an entire lie because the weather's sort of making me all sleepy... kekeke, excuses, but still. Yeah... I'll worry about it when I get there or something.

And apparently it's midnight over at Japan already? So yeah, happy birthday to my favourite 'emokid', Ryuutarou from PuraTuri. He's like... 36? Which makes him... three times as old as I am?! Holy batman! XD
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... missed my internet dearly; what can I say, geek through and through.

Spent Saturday at Fatmah's place where we baked cookies for the fundraising thing for the SL project-to-be with Jia Li and Jaclyn and Sofia and Jia Min and Min Jie. XD It was fun, even though I'm not one for such activities. I think out of all of us, only a few had real baking experience? And I'm not one of them, ahaha. But it was new and fun, though not something I would do alone, because it's so damn troublesome and messy! Imagine me using my hands to knead the cookie dough... urgh. Thinking of it makes me flinch already, luckily Jia Li and Jia Min were willing to do it! Lol.

So... basically didn't have time to stay with the computer since that took up majority of my day.

And today, I joined Ami and Sze and Kim at the library to study... not that I was productive, cos I ended up reading books and writing random crap. Tried to do math, but every time I picked up my notes, I began to feel sleepy... And that, took up majority of a day too.

Anyway, finally finished Leverage S1 and well, I hope S2 comes as quickly as possible, in which I think there was a rumor about Elliot fighting a bear?! Wicked! Lol. Am also starting to watch Kimi wo Petto even though that was a reaaaally old show, but then again, I'm reigniting my love for Matsujun, so I guess, I really ought to watch it...? Haha.

Okay, I shall end the randomness here and continue watching the dorama, so quick update is over for now. :D
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Did nothing productive today... other than going to school and pretending to know what's going on in lessons. Damn, I totally should be an actor lah, so good at lying. (lol, or at least part of the leverage crew?)

Came back knackered after choir practice (yay, Eric Whitacre pieces, does that mean we can ditch the SYF pieces for now?)... and drooled over picspams of cute guys. From Patrick Wolf to MATSUJUN and PI!!! ZOMG, haha, my brain was broken by them... while they might be dated, I don't ever get tired of staring at their faces.

Currently on my watching list, I have finally caught up to episode 20 of Skip Beat!! Still lagging behind on Soul Eater, at 38, and Kuroshitsuji at 14 and finished Junjou Romantica S2, and I need to go and watch Boys Over Flowers too... And start on Gintama...

Anyway, life has been an exceedingly dull routine these days, leaving me with hardly any 'me' time, damn it, I'm totally going to go out on Saturday, I don't care where to, or with who, just out, doing something.

The rain today was also brilliant, love the thunder and the lightning, so very dramatic, like listening to Lux Aterna while I walked home after school just now. Haha.

Also am done with the piano exam, in which I'm hoping desperately to pass this time round because the examiner was damn nice, so I can finally move on to doing random pieces that I like instead of getting nagged at to practice scales/pieces, yada yada.

I find myself still very easily swayed by the words of others and therefore becoming very judgemental, which is stupid, really, because you can't trust luck or prayer or mercy or other people. (lol, I managed to remember this without referring to the paper!)

Okay, update is over. Back to doing srs work... which is like... slacking and going off to sleep. Haha.


Feb. 19th, 2009 11:04 pm
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I wasn't in the best of moods when I came home from school today, but this totally cheered me up. I miss laughing over their total spasticness XD Bill always does the silliest antics, and Tom's face is always the weirdest. Georg is constantly being picked on and Gustav seriously needs to flash that smile more often. :D

Have also decided to start writing again, using the same 'Sanguine' premises, but like changing a lot of details... now, I need the protagonist's name! It used to be 'Raven' until I stole it for my own use... lame shit, I know.

School's been pretty hectic, and I have very little time for friends or outings during this week due to impeding doom, aka piano exam this tuesday... omfg... *headdesks*

... Am very amused with this creature called the Popobawa in which my gp group have to research on. A man-raping bat monster!! *falls off chair laughing* Like, wtf??! If I were some perverse writer, I bet tons of stories about this creature could be written. Bad slash fiction with REAL monsters! (okay, I know I'm sick.)

While friends are raving over stuff like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire, what I really want to watch is Coraline. Which apparently only opens on April 9th because we're slow like that. >.>

Oh yes, I am ignoring all my homework, from econs to maths because... I have a gigantic list of books to read... ranging from topics like philosophy to zen to outrageous chick lit. And practices for piano... argh.


Feb. 18th, 2009 10:37 pm
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still I go to the deepest grave, where I go to sleep alone.
the seer's tower x sufjan stevens.

I was going to write something which I sort of thought up of while I was half asleep on the train, coming back home. but I forgot. So... I'm blaming the lack of sleep for whatever elusive thought that decided to grace me with its presence and leave with only a brush of butterflies' wings.

let's just hope that tomorrow's a better day.
... I don't think I can hand in econ essay on time...

for now... sleep.
(and never to wake again.)

so I went back to sleep and I dreamed that I was awake.
in spite of the world x the ataris.



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