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title: four types of boyfriend that Delwyn isn't (and the one type that he is.)
universe: capriccio
type: drabble-ish oneshot?
pairing: established Xavier/Del
notes: ... I was feeling random? XD excuse the sap, I'm just tired. The timeline jumps about a fair bit as well, it should be obvious, but hey, why not just mention it? Haha. Also, implicit mentions of sex, if that doesn't float your boat, don't read.

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So I'm supposed to be doing my GP essay outline, (and perhaps literature p4 essay and history tutorial outline too, but that's another can of worms that I don't want to unleash to the world.) but as usual, got sidetracked. >.> Loooow efficiency. I'm so glad that Friday is a public holiday... can finally catch up on my sleep... but until then, I still need to endure two more days of school..

title: one
universe: glass
type: chapter
pairing: none, as sort yet
notes: eh... this story is supposed to be a spinoff from Sanguine... set in the same universe, with overlapping characters. But the giant epicness of Sanguine means that it's not done yet. So. I'm not that sure how the overlapping characters can be properly explained without messing up the flow. Also, this is written in 1st POV, so there will be things that aren't 'properly explained' because they are not subject to the narrator's knowledge, instead, it follows strictly to the narrator's thought streams, which means that a lot of my own personal voice would come through... heh.

where are the shadows? )

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title: the road back to you
universe: capriccio
type: drabble
pairing: Xavier/Del
notes: uhm, right, all the places/things are real, I don't own any of them, just my characters. Also, I apologize for the lack of real knowledge because I don't really have the time right now to do lengthy research, most of these are just skimming from wiki. Eh, epic fail description of music as well... haha.

wisterias supposedly mean welcome; steadfast. )

Alright, officially haven't studied for history. Think I shall just do so tomorrow, and I'll most likely just flunk it... gah.

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title: first impressions
universe: capriccio
type: drabble
pairing: Xavier/Del
notes: this could be a possible factor if I do fail the history test. I don't think this point of view works too well... I'm no mother after all, so I doubt I portrayed her accurately, but I always see Del's mother as a highly upbeat woman, who is able to accept everything that her son is because he is her dearest kin after all.

first impressions )

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title: one sided conversations
universe: capriccio
type: longish chapter kind
pairing: none, as of now
notes: set before all the pieces written in this universe.

one sided conversations )

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title: the color of night
universe: sanguine
type: trailer
pairing: none, sort of
notes: ... Malicious Intentions is officially now revamped. I'm retitling it to Sanguine; no idea why... just that it sounds better? Haha. Yeah. Think I'm going to rewrite the entire thing after what? Half a year of hiatus on this baby? Yeah.  Was overdosing on Requiem for a Dream while writing this... probably very disjointed and weird... Today's title is stolen from Oblivion, the Dark Brotherhood part. The idea of Twilight Wars is influenced by Robin McKinely's Voodoo Wars (in Sunshine) and the book Twilight Watch by Russian author Sergey Lukyanenko.
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title: And I Pity (Any Boy Who Isn't Me)
universe: capriccio
type: drabble
pairing: Xavier/Del
notes: So... I was randomly surfing around the internet, and something random I saw prompted me to write this little drabble, consisting of Del and Xavier. It's meant to be funny and harmless but if you can't stand like cross dressing and slash, well, it makes more sense for you not to read.

I Feel Pretty and Witty and Gay~! )

So yeah, that's that. I still haven't come up with some apt name for this story'verse, anyone has any inputs? :D

The play that they are staging is West Side Story, a play in which I have never read before, but wikipedia is a brilliant friend, haha. And I total fail at describing clothing and the flowers actually mean something, but I'm not sure whether it's universal since my sources don't cross refer completely, but camellias are supposed to mean 'a good luck gift for men'. Yeah... now I'm going off to sleep soon as that I won't be late for choir tomorrow... which will probably end late...
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title: Caprice No. 24 in A minor
universe: capriccio
type: character study
pairing: mentions of Xavier/Del
notes: eh... did some writing in between lessons... here's a character study of Del, a previous star of two random drabbles. His counterpart was originally named Seth, but is now changed to Xavier. Because I have another plot bunny in which Seth is a more appropriate name due to the meaning that I gathered from here. Yeah... not really finished but I'm sort of feeling a little tired of these two, considering that their story is actually saccharine sweet and I really don't have much plot for them... as opposed to my epic!demons!gods!Sanguine and the newest one involving fallen angels!intrigue!blasphemy! but still titleless, haha.

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Hmm... I'll come back to this later... I guess.
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Okay... so I actually wanted to do a oneshot inspired by lyrics from Helloween. But I discovered that I really like to make things complicated by expanding the plot so much that it's impossible to explain everything and resolve everything easily within say... 10 pages?
Sumire wrote some works that had a beginning. And some that had an end. But never one that had both a beginning and an end. Not that she suffered from writer's block - far from it. She wrote endlessly, everything that came into her head. The problem was that she wrote too much. You'd think that all she'd had to do was cut out the extra parts and she'd be fine, but things weren't that wasy. She could never decide on the big picture - what was necessary and what wasn't.

~ Sputnik Sweetheart (pgs 13 and 14)
title: fragments
universe: Mercy (to be confirmed)
type: incomplete; sketch
pairing: none
notes: So yeah, basically, plot derived from Helloween's Invisible Man and also this manga called Soul Kiss, if I recall correctly since I deleted it away once I finished it. Anyway, anyone with knowledge of hierarchy of angels? Like... do Thrones (wielders of justice apparently and basically God's eyes) have the license to kill? Ironically, I find that although I am not Catholic/Christian/other branches, there are a lot of such imagery in whatever that I write. Huh.

unfinished. as usual )

Okay... back to doing up gp project... which is making me crave for a cool glass of coca-cola... which means that its pervasive advertising succeeded to a large extent. XD

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title: to a beautiful world
universe: none
type: random drabble
pairing: none
notes: eh... this is what I portray in my head when playing Chopin's Nocturne Op. 55. It isn't that elaborate of course, since I have very little time before everything is supposed to occur when I'm playing it, but this is the main gist of it.

[the scene opens to a pale man, dressed in black entirely; black leather pants moulded sinfully tight to his hips, caressing those long legs, the ends of a broken-in leather duster flared dramatically just as he walked.]

He is walking down the street.

From far off, a distant rumbling signals impending rain. The scent of the air has noticeably changed as well, as if in a hurry to announce the arrival of rain. The wind rustled the trees almost violently in their giddy rush and a kitten mewed in distress from the bad weather. No. It felt more than just the wind and promise of a storm, it felt danger, violence, blood; the dark embrace of night and her children. Of things that could cut you down from where you stand if only a quick glance. It was something more than this world itself.

The creature mewed again, this time, a high plaintive sound, curling into a small ball, wishing that it had more protective than just huddling under some bushes. Too vulnerable to whatever that was out there.

He felt the creature's fear before even seeing it. But paid it no mind, he wasn't out to hunt, no, not tonight. Tonight... it would be something much different. Tonight, he would shed this inhumane mask. Tonight, he would end everything that he never dared to try before. Yes. It would be tonight. Everything would be different after this night, and no one would ever know. He would have walked down this street for the last time, and come dawn tomorrow, the ordinary people would once again dominate the daylights, take large confident strides down this street and never knew of his existence. Just as well that no one did. For what was he but a cowardly monster who clung on to this half life, pretending to be what he never could be?

He would have petted the frightened kitten, if it had not flinched and inched away immediately as he approached. He bit down on the hurt as lightning flashed across the night sky, illuminating his features, the ethereal and unearthly beauty that he and his kind possessed. Hair, darker than the shade of night, glinted under the streak of silver lightning, and his eyes were of a piercing blue, the multi faceted of a jewel.

The thunder grew louder, seeming to echo in his ears, all the way down to the slow thump of his heartbeat. He continued on his path, no clear motive in mind, only a clear destination. The forgiving and inescapable passage that forgot no one. Death.

The skies finally let loose, raindrops descending like tiny daggers pricking at his skin, eating away at him. He gazed up, half angry, half resigned. He wanted to rage at the unfairness. He did no wrong, yet was sentenced to this half life without trial, bitten and Turned against his will, kept like a mindless slave by a cruel Sire, broken and thrown aside like a doll. Life was a meaningless routine for him. This was a chance of release, to escape from that prison and run to a place where he could never find him. Yes, his choice was right. He was meant to die right from the start. All that mattered was when.

The rain seemed like pure salvation. It was the only thing that made him alive now, so entirely shut off from the rest of the world in his attempt to flee. He could not risk being caught now, not when everything was in place and he was reaching the end, the finality of his torment.

He spoke a single word, a harsh consonant, bitter laced his voice and remained a nasty taste on his tongue. It was a word of destruction, one that he sneaked from his Sire's magic books, one that would render him naught to this insane world. It was his remedy. He held his breath, fearing for the worst; would it work or was it all but a cruel joke from his sadist captor?

And suddenly the world came to a standstill for him. The rain continued their onslaught, seemingly wanting to drown everything in sight with their torrent of raindrops. The cold stole his strength and he collapsed almost gracefully to the ground, his head flung back to stare up at the never-ending sky. Everything was fading away, or was it just him losing his vision?

He laughed and it was a mirthless sound, devoid of any real pleasure that would send shivers down the spines of others were there any around to hear it. He didn't hear it, sound was empty to him as well. Heaviness draped around him like a second cloak, his limbs were too numb to move, but he felt no pain. How could it be painful, he was escaping his torment, it was his redemption.

He closed his eyes, feeling the last of the raindrops on his face, as he slowly slipped away, beyond his mortal shell...

The kitten whined, uncomprehending as the predator vanished inexplicably, leaving behind a trail of glorious butterflies, all of them pure white in color, slowly unfurling from themselves and scattering in the wind and rain.

Thank you.


Jan. 18th, 2009 11:42 pm
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Weekend is a time to do homework laze around and pretend to be doing work so as if to avoid nagging from certain parties.

Dug out some old drabbles that I wrote a couple of years back, working on several LJ prompts that I stole from various communities. Mainly to ward off boredom during maths/physics/hmt classes, and to work on portraying an established relationship that was completely free of any paranormal influences and also how to write fluff/romantic scenes instead of antagonistic and emo-ish pieces all the time.

title: late for a reason
universe: capriccio
type: prompted drabbles
pairing: Xavier/Del
notes: none

toothache inducing drabble #1 )

title: promises
universe: capriccio
type: prompted drabble
pairing: Xavier/Del
notes: none

toothache inducing drabble #2 )

Okay. Major fluff, I'm sort of cringing as I write this too, think I ought to stick with blood and gore and emo stuff, haha. Don't think I'm doing justice to poor Del and Xavier and I finally remembered their storyline and backgrounds. XD
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[Error: unknown template qotd]A high school romance involving paranormal creatures and angst, oh and slash. :D

and speaking of which, I really should start work soon.

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Today's title is warped from Tokio Hotel's line from Monsoon; I'll be running night and day. XD
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Went over to the Ear Shot Cafe with Min Jie for this writers connect thing.

Made myself some new friends, Nisa and Marisa. Haha, they're actually older than me, but you wouldn't have known it looking at them. They're pretty cool people, and I think that it's pretty nice for someone like me to actually take the first step to make friends rather than be the usual standoffish me.

There wasn't a lot of people at the session which was good because too much people just make up clam up. I think Min Jie had a good time too cause we were separated, me in the fiction writers and her with the poets. Lol. Yeah, I could have gone over to her side, but after all, poetry is not my first love. I very much prefer writing stories.

I think the group's most likely to meet fortnightly, and the next meeting is most likely 2/3 August.
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Dear Muse,

Please stop filling my head with new twists to stories and making me rewrite everything again.
And please stop stranding me half way after making these new changes.

(I can hardly recognize my own story...)




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