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Finally. A new phone! :D But it's not that new exactly. Yeah, it's another one of my brother's phone, but it's so much better than the old nokia phone that I was carrying around. And yes, also the reason why I was distracted the entire day from doing proper work

While it is indeed an improvement, but it's sort of troublesome as well, from additional programs like accessing the internet to outlook notes... well, I certainly need to get adjusted... so eh, might be a bit slower with replying texts and such.

Also, my contact list has been lost, so well, whoever who reads this and wants me to know their number, please text me. :D
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Let's just say that the entire waiting process was freaking surreal. And sort of deja vu. I was sitting around the same place that I sat at about 2 years ago, waiting for KSS's syf results, and today, I was back in the same spot, waiting for another set of results.

Kim totally screamed in my ear when she half heard the result from my phone, lol. But she had to hang up after that to continue with her rehearsal, so she missed the screaming that erupted after our results were announced. And the announcer's delivery was just... cliffhanging, the way she said, Gold.  (small pause) With Honors. I think about a total of 7 schools got GwH this year...

But as I parted ways from Yongzhen and gang, (to join the clique for dinner) the mood just sort of started to fade away, like it has already become quite surreal, in the sense that I don't know that whether everything was real, or did I just dreamed it all up, like I'm no longer sure whether it wasn't due to mishearing... haha.

It's cool that I have Kim to talk about choir stuff to, considering that the clique may congratulate and share the joy, it's still sort of different after all, since there isn't any common experience... (am I making sense here? lol)

Yeah, hung out at KFC, eating rubbish food because I can. Lol, it's strange, but I went to KFC which predominantly sells chicken, to eat fish. :D Random, much?

The last syf that I will participate in, and my first and last GwH as well. :D I'm glad that we finally pulled through, after all the crap that we had.

The stage is ours for the taking.

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Jun. 27th, 2008 11:29 pm
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TPW today was a ridiculous waste of time. Yeah, we basically didn't do anything, though I ended up half way through Lilith Saintcrow's The Devil's Right Hand. Lol, spot the innuendo? In which there was a lot of fluff scenes and barely any action. At least it's not as bad as Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake.

Then there was this long talk on team dynamics and stuff like that... yeah, the speaker was entertaining, but there were so parts that annoyed me. But he finally let us off at about 12:30. Finally.

Had a meet up at RP, in which I thought I didn't know how to go, but actually I did. Because apparently I'm bad at visualizing things, so I can't draw up a map of how to get there, but I know how to walk once I'm there and seeing the landscape. Well, this only applies to places where I have been to, of course.

Then went back home and watched two episodes of Monochrome Factor, eating a burnt lunch. Cos I forgot my bread was in the oven, being toasted when I was reading some book., and it burned.

Piano was pretty alright today, I think I'm gradually doing better at sight reading, though my pieces still suck. I can't bloody follow the goddamn metronome.

Then met up with Kim and Faza to go back to KSS for CFN. It was fun, meeting up with everyone. I talked to a few teachers, nothing much, since I don't really hang out with the teachers... but the mass dance was fun, even though there were a lot of people crowding around me, most of them are my friends, so it wasn't that bad. And to think that we used to not like folk dance back in sec1.

Oh and I collected my testi, everyone's (or at least people from 4D) seemed to be almost about the same... which goes to show that it was probably Shasi who wrote it... blah.

Anyway, after CFN, Faza, Amirah, Navin and I had supper at Limbang's Mac, where we basically talked a whole bunch of crap which I'm prone to when hanging out with Faza. Haha.

Crashed home at about 11, so tired... but in a good way. :


May. 25th, 2008 09:14 pm
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