Apr. 27th, 2008

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I was late for practice again. Blah. I think the trains move slowly on weekends as compared to weekdays because I usually can reach school in less than half an hour normally, yet take half an hour plus on weekends. Or that's just how I feel. Anyway, after all the warm ups and mundane stuff, we were moved to the basketball courts to practice our choreography. And we stayed there for like until 12 plus. Or later and I was terribly cooked under the scorching merciless sun.

The food was pretty decent, very palatable and generous enough, though I mourn the lack of vegetables. I'm not much of a carnivore, I guess. then after that, the guys decided that to facilitate choir members' bonding, a game of captain's ball was required. And because I'm pretty much satisfied the way my face looks like currently, I refuse to enter the fray and jostle with the others over a mere ball. Also, note the fact that the sun was damn hot. And I was already quite red from the morning activities. Yeah, so sort of slacked at the sidelines, pretending to be involved. That's one thing I'm damn good at, if I may say so myself.

Elections was... ordinary, you know, the boring required speeches, awkward mumbles from the nominees, trying to answer questions posted by us, we making life difficult for them by asking obscure questions. I don't know. Some of them were quite interesting, though my attention span sort of wandered as usual. Entertained myself with my lovely harem of boys. I'm still debating over the native american setting for my next project. Considering that Rae isn't cooperating, and that I'm sort of scared at the direction Julien and Bastien are moving towards... I think ignoring the main characters from my harem would be the easier thing to do. Anyway, I ramble.

The most most most exciting part of the day has got to be the nightwalk. And I think I sort of sound quite idiotic, I mean, best part of the day, due to the nightwalk? Right.

They made us sit in LT 4 for like half an hour, doing the routine stuff, like attendance taking, the prerequistes of scaring us first with suitable ghost stories and all that. Then we set off for the nightwalk in groups of 4. I was with Sherilyn, Cheryl and Andreas. Who... seemed more frightened then me, at least outwardly, hence I think I became the impromptu leader or something.

Anyway, yes, I was scared, yes, I did scream. Quite a lot, enough that I found my throat a little scratchy and weird after the whole thing. And there were several scary stations, though the whole thing sort of got pretty much repetitive after some time. They keep making us go into the toilets, and used the same tactics to scare us. Pounding on the cubicles' doors, flushing the toilet repeatedly and smearing fake blood on the mirrors and basins.

I was sort of afraid to go home after that, but luckily, there were plenty of people on the train. I think I've never been so glad to see a crowd than then.



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