Jun. 9th, 2008

rxelyn: (meaningless)
Hey, Faza, still recognize the joke in the title?

I'm cleaning up my room and... yes, I suspect that all I will get in return is a slow and tormenting death by said dust bunnies. Except that they aren't exactly bunnies anymore... more like... dust clumped together in a vaguely Godzilla shape. *dies*

Dust and I used to have a pretty good working relationship; don't invade into my space aka anywhere that I can visibly see, I will ignore. But instead of upholding to our deal, it has been secretly conspiring against me!!! DDDDD: AKIRA SHOCK! lol.

I'm weird, I guess, but I get these... cleaning urges like every three or four times a year on the most random of days and always late at night. Yeah, I start picking up all the stupid school papers from school, rifle through them, chuckle/wince/roll my eyes at my own original writings/fanfiction. Then I start throwing out papers and before I even finish sorting through the damned papers, I move on to other things, which worsens the fricking situation. Gods. >.> Just kill me now before I'm mauled to death by dust. x.x And I can't freaking sleep too, cos I'm sort of too hyped up to fall asleep... and it's just too messy to sleep! What if I roll around in my sleep and fall off my bed?! I don't wanna land in a pile of papers! Damn, I need to go shopping for furniture, seriously, too much books and nowhere to arrange them! I'm pretty anal when it comes to things that I like, and I want to have a gorgeous bookshelf where I can goddamn alphabetize the books and cds and comics etc.

Now I'm mostly stumped as to put what where... damn, where's a SWAT team when you need one?



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