Jun. 25th, 2008

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[Error: unknown template qotd]XD I can't really choose. Please don't make me choose between three decent powers. Lol.

Okay, I'll probably pick teleportation out of the three.

Sure, I have always dreamt about flying and all that, but unless the power to fly equals to me sprouting huge feathery wings (like those in D.N.Angel, :D) then no thanks.
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Just one more paper to freedom. Okay, not exactly freedom since there's still school. Argh, boring. And I have absolutely no mood to study for the upcoming History paper. I'm never in the mood to study anyway.

Maths was dismal, as expected. I muddled through the paper, whacking down whatever fake/real formulas I could cough up at the top of my head. Well, let's hope the teacher marking it doesn't die of blood loss after reading it. Skipped a whole lot of questions, wrote randomly, what else? Oh and my graphs were horrendous, like drawn by a non artistic 5 year old high on crack. Haha.

Lit was... well, just as bad. No technical terms, just a hell lot of rambling especially in P4 and basically just dumped whatever I felt would take up space onto that blank piece of paper. Serious verbal diarrhea.

The break in between papers was spent hanging out with Sharon and the others. Yakked a whole lot and laughed a whole lot too. We basically just sort of gave up revising for lit. Oh well... I'm sure we'll all scrap through somehow.

Can't wait for the tests to end!
THUR: Book fair thingie with MIn Jie and Sherilyn
THUR: Meetup
FRI: Piano lesson YAY
SAT: shopping

lol, for some reason, my post sort of got happier after the first few paragraphs. wow.



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