Jul. 16th, 2008

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I didn't know hosting a debate was so freaking troublesome. I didn't know chairpersoning a debate was such a talkative job. I didn't know that some people can be so bloody insensitive.

Chairpersoned the Anderson Junior College Debating Invitational 2008 Preliminary and Semi-Final rounds. (this was stolen from the speech I had to make as a chairperson.) >.> The debate motion was THBT going green is going backwards.

I hosted the preliminary round of St Nicks vs Raffles. Which made Min Jie jealous because she probably wanted to ogle at Nicholas Puah and her Korean friend. But yeah, got to admit that Nicholas Puah was pretty cute. In fact, even Jonathon admitted to it and he's like forever in denial about his gayness, lol.

Raffles won hands down. Not that the St Nicks girls weren't good, they tried very hard, but their argument was too one sided, all that they had were about how going green was costing us a lot of money hence pushing us backwards. The first speaker was pretty clear and confident but the other subsequent two just didn't do as well. The debators were pretty rude during the debate, like just slashing their hand sharply to cut off the opponent's POI instead of saying 'no thank you' when the two teams first started out.

After the first round, I was given Xin Min and Cedar Girls. And all the trouble began.

My two judges arrived pretty promptly. But the third didn't show up. So I was interrupted midway through my speech, and someone ran off to find a judge to take over the spot. And Sneha finally came in to take the place. Lol. Since she's the President of the DOS. So debate began. And one of the judges, Mingching was... just... insensitive. No offense to the guy, I find him very amusing. But if I were the debator, speaking before the judges, i would have been seriously demoralized. I don't know if he was just lacking eq or what, but he facial expressions were very blunt. And he didn't seem to bother to control himself. I think another judge was irritated by his bouncy attitude; he was like, 'should I tell them, should I ask him to offer POIs?' Which was unheard of during a debate.

Lol, and the debate just got worse as the debators went off tangent and I was so bored that I began to sms Min Jie more obviously and talking to my timekeeper. :D I sort of listened more attentively when my ears picked up the phrase, 'organic farming'. And I was like, wtf?! What does the motion have got to do with organic farming... that's going too far, that's already moving into the realms of NAQ.

Whatever. XMS won later on. But seriously, I didn't really care by then. Lol.

Went over to NYP with Min Jie to have dinner since my mother wasn't free to cook dinner.



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