Aug. 3rd, 2008

rxelyn: (eyesore)
Had a really fucked up dream. Seriously, it freaked me out and it was damn random.

With that hanging, I woke up.

=_= This sounds like some bad essay written by primary school kids. My brain is screwed, I tell you.
And I have no desire to continue this dream. Nope, I don't need to know what was so horrible that was upcoming. *shudders*
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By this time tomorrow, I'll probably be at the airport waiting for the goddamn flight.

But now... I'm still like going through the things that I'm bringing and wondering if I have left anything behind. I'm careless like that.

Oh well, what can I do anyway.

This is most likely the last post I'm making until I get to Cambridge and set up my laptop. Since it's really freaking troublesome to lug this heavy 1.7 kg laptop around...

And there's still school tomorrow to go to. How annoying. D:
My throat's really scratchy, hope I don't fall sick there... it'll be super troublesome then.

Bah, back to packing.

See ya in a bit. :D



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