Aug. 9th, 2008

rxelyn: (bleach ichigos)
Huge scandal going on. Apparently some girls were like screaming harassment or something. There was this wedding reception (with way cooler partying than the national day thing going on) and some guys were like drunk or something and were chatting up the girls from our school, asking them where they were staying or whatever. Yeah, because of this, there was this whole ruckus and we were made to stay in our rooms and the teachers like assigned the guys to guard our doors and what not. =_= I mean, come on. You think drunks can climb up three flights of stairs to like... knock on people's doors and rape them?! >.> Well, I'm pretty sure they have more sense than that.

Anyway, the lesson was pretty boring... it's Saturday and they make us study?! Didn't really contribute much to classes today anyway. Fell asleep during the stupid reading of Pride and Prejudice. Like, yeah, I can read on my own, you know. You don't really have to assign people to read the chapters aloud because their freaking voices lull me to sleep instead. Like that RJ guy and Carolyn's voices. I just closed my eyes and really fell asleep. Luckily, only Sneha saw it or else I'll be killed because Ms Lim was just sitting a few feets away from me. =_= Yeah, and Sneha only saw me because she was trying to keep herself awake too.

National Day celebration was boring. =_= I am not at all patriotic. And I liked... escaped to UK only to find that I still need to go through this kind of torture. Wow, thanks man. And instead of the usual sumptuous meal, we had like... burnt unhealthy food... What a trade up indeed.

Yeah, then the scandal occur. I think it's just the girls making a mountain out of a molehill... those people are here for a freaking wedding reception for one... and they're in a school. Like duh, we are students and obviously underaged... why the hell would they be trying to accost us?! And come on, they are so much more better looking. >.>

Sherilyn and I had an encounter too... there were two guys randomly passing by as we walked down the corridors and the guy went like, 'yo man, what's up?' And I was like o_O because I didn't know if he were really talking to us or what. But personally, I feel that the people here are generally much more friendly, they'll greet you in the morning, hold doors open and stuff like that. Some of the others said that they had racist encounters, but for our group, there was nothing of that sort... so... guess it all depends on your perspective.

Anyway, we're going off to Stratford tomorrow! Yay!



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