Aug. 11th, 2008

rxelyn: (meaningless)
... modernist works are not in my area of interest. cannot freaking understand Joyce's Finnegan's Wake which I tried to read so many years ago. Hence have an innate prejudice against the genre already. But I still think Viriginia Woolf is sort of cool.
Had a lecture on how to apply for oxbridge... aka have decently good grades and a shit load of money. Definitely not for me then. Damn.
It'll be so freaking cool to study overseas, especially here, I wouldn't mind coming back here even if it means living in this run down room with dusty furniture and malfuctioning things.
Yeah, and that's likely to happen indeed. Maybe if I robbed a bank or something.
Gary's lessons were boring... though I tried to answer the questions because he looked like a puppy with that floppy hairstyle. It'll be like kicking a puppy if I'm mean to him...

So we now have proper nicknames for most of the people, mainly the guys because I'm not really in the habit of teasing girls.
So John (the one that Sneha finds cute) is Iago because he's evil. (he complained to the cafeteria guys about us!! in general, not really us us)
Then we have Phil who is Mike (thanks to Sherilyn who thinks he's like Mike from Twilight... and really made me think that his name was Mike so when he introduced himself to me as Phil, I thought I got the wrong person!)
And Phil the apple! Lol, go read sofia's blog, she has pictures of Phil the apple. And we are currently at Phil the 11th.
Another John who taught me P&P in the first week who is named Fitzwiliam after Mr Darcy. Not that he is hot, but he has seriously a cool scottish accent.
Then Gary who is Cassio. Idk why, at first he was Desdemona, then became the white ewe due to Othello reference and was shortened to wewe... like white ewe...

visited the library as well. bought some books at their old books sale. pretty damn cool, since the books were all cheap and also so pretty with their bindings. There were so many books in the library as well. So wanted to read Oscar Wilde's The Young King... but too bad the library closed at 5... =_=



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