Aug. 12th, 2008

rxelyn: (bleach ichigos)
We watched Othello the play on the open Girton lawns, with cold wind blowing every now and then.

I totally love Iago so much!! He's the coolest character ever. And he pwns them all, I tell you.

Cassio was pretty cute, I like his hair color, and lol, got to talk to him which made Sherilyn all huffy and she jokingly wanted to disband our friendship.

Emilia was freakish old...  like 20 years Iago's senior. Which scares me, frankly. Cos of her really frizzy hair and low voice...

It was so freaking cold so I'm really impressed by these actors' professionalism, they were prancing about (at least Desdemona was) in thin clothing and they still acted so well.

I was like shivering in my seat throughout, especially during the first half when I didn't have my jacket.

Ran up to my room during the 15 min interval for my jacket and spoke to Cassio and Othello with Ernest and Sid.

But I was still damn cold and kept on fidgeting during the play.

The play was pretty funny even though it wasn't meant to be so. I mean, I laughed so much, the actors playing Brabantio, Roderigo were so cute, in a hilarious manner.

Couldn't help but to be horribly entertained by the play as the actors seemed to have played up the comedic elements in the play wasn't so much of a tragedy, I feel. I mean, when Othello stabbed himself, I didn't even know it as the action wasn't too explicit. What, you mean you're trying to keep the play on a PG level?? And Othello's spiral into insanity wasn't done properly, he seemed too calm and composed and generally, he did not like lose his mind to jealousy slowly, instead, it was a huge jump which is just wrong.

Othello was so nice too, helping the 'dead' Desdemona to arrange her skirt properly as she was sort of flashing... but it wasn't obvious because we were all in the dark and it was very dimly lighted.



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