Aug. 15th, 2008

rxelyn: (epic fail)
Had poetry and performance workshops today. It was a pretty fun day overall. John did the poetry one while this director guy Tim Crouch did the theatre performance one. The exercises in the performance workshop was sort of weird.

He made us play some really random games, like walk and stop together as a group without any signals, let others guide you as you walk with your eyes closed, teambuilding kind of games. While I know that these are important to a group that is going to act out a play eventually, how is this going to relate to us in the field of literature per say? I mean, to us armchair literature students...

I'm not really much of a team player, I prefer to do things alone because I feel that I'm more relaxed, I won't feel like I'm dragging people down or getting dragged down by others as well. 



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