Aug. 17th, 2008

rxelyn: (blurry eyes)
... it's the last day today... I don't want to leave. This place is just too lovely. I'm already so used to the way of life here, wake up at 7, wash up, eat a feast of breakfast and slowly saunter to classes...
Can't imagine going back to Singapore and restarting the old routine... it's just not normal anymore after getting used to this easier and nicer lifestyle.
It's really troublesome squishing all the things into my luggage. It's too darn small! x.x

Last Othello module with Gary. We kind of stopped refering to them by their nicknames. Well... I don't know why. And yeah, truthfully, I have kind of a soft spot of Gary. Because he looks sad and solemn and grave. And he has floppy hair. Haha. I'm this sort of person, ne?
Anyway, yeah, we'll all be experts in Othello after these modules. Not. There wasn't much that we can really use yet. And Gary has all these weird awkward expressions, like fundamental ambiguity of man or dramatic economics. Which makes you go, what?!?!

Went punting this afternoon. I'm a terrible punter. D: And ended up injuring my hand in the process, because some other punt rammed into us and my hand was involved in the crossfire. Boo.
Lol, the module was actually on practical criticism. And we had to punt and at the same time examine a poem by Ted Hughes. And do this writing exercise. Which of course ended up in nothing because no one from any group did anything.
but still, we had great fun ramming into other punts (not on purpose of course) and doing actual punting.
I was so freaking scared that I'll fall. Or that I'll just capsize the entire punt and bring everyone down along with me. Of course, that's the better option because I'm not wet alone.

Went over to New Hall for dinner... and I wore my GLP shirt paired with black jeans... so it's sort of formalish? Haha. Anyway, I don't really like New Hall. The atmosphere is just wrong... since I'm like too used to the homey air about Girton.
New Hall is too modern and really drab due to the grey stone walls. Blah. I still prefer our red bricked Girton. I will so miss this place when I'm gone... because there won't be any reason for me to return...
The tuition fees and living costs are just too much for me to apply here. Besides, my grades won't ever make the cut...

I don't want to go. But they're making me leave.



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