Aug. 31st, 2008

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Hana Yori Dango and Kurosagi! XD
Respectively showing on 4/9 and 18/9
(be there or be square, lol.)

And to make this post less bimbotic, let me review the book that I just finished reading, Sherrilyn Kenyon's Fantasy Lover.

You know, if I had picked up Fantasy Lover instead of Dance With the Devil, I might not have been converted into a fan of Kenyon. While Fantasy Lover was interesting and a complete universe away from the cliched romances that I have read, there wasn't enough action to keep me hooked for good. Indeed, while I do feel intrigued by Julian's fascinating life, the way that he is written makes him seems too much of a Larry-Stu.

Julian, born of Aphrodite and a Spartan general, was originally a fierce general that nearly brought Rome to her knees. Were it not for the intervention of the gods. His eldest brother, hating him, betrayed him and he ended up locked away in a book, only to be released for the pleasures of others. Indeed, he became a love slave that is made to pleasure the summoner for a month before he is locked back into the book until the next summoner comes. (He's super lucky that all his summoners are female, lol)

Grace summons him on a drunken whim, thanks to her friend, Selena. And even though she dearly wants to, she doesn't jump his bones and instead refuses him at every turn. (gee, are you a woman or what?) Julian is astounded at her different attitude and basically, we see how they slowly fall in love with each other. It's so... gentle and sweet and fluffy that I would have been turned off immediately were it not that I like her other works. Fantasy Lover is just too tame, as compared to the others in the Dark Hunter series.

Dance With the Devil had bad assed Zarek who sports wolverine-inspired claws, headbanging metal music, sinful leather pants and a vicious streak. He had a truly traumatic past, he has a mean tongue and enough enemies that line all the way to hell just to send him to hell.

Besides, any story that has medieval/historical settings can always get me. Though I'm more partial to Greek/Roman periods with the involvement of the residents of Olympus.



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