Sep. 3rd, 2008

... Whut?

Sep. 3rd, 2008 10:11 pm
rxelyn: (epic fail)
... Isn't it strange that as we grow older and advance up the education ladder, we learn lesser subjects yet find it harder to cope?
Sure, the subjects may be more indepth but we at least cut down half the subjects that is taken in secondary school, which then frees up extra time to study on the relevant subjects... >.> But my grades speak otherwise.

For those who are uninitiated into the coolness that is Neil Gaiman, here's a chance to read Neverwhere free of charge on your computer.
Just download the ebook or read it online here. It's an easier read as compared to American Gods, more geared towards the young adults, I would say, even though it's located on the adults' fiction shelf. I know that I'm gonna re-read it again, even though I hardly have the time... haha, how can I resist the lure of a good fantasy novel?

I wanna go Borders or Kino tomorrow! Gonna pick up some postcards for postcrossing :D and see if I can get any good book. (aka waste money)

Econs today was dreary. Sharon and I were late. And... then we sat in LT1 for 2 hours, cooped up in there trying to make sense out of seemingly random economic jargon and copying frenzily. ... Our education system prepares us for a life of paper pushing and copying; don't say that the education system doesn't help you in your career. D:

Went back with Navin who has jellybeans!! XD Why am I so excited? I'm not even a fan of jellybeans. They remind me of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor. Haha. Met Sneha on the train and shared a snarky conversation. Sarcasm and witty banter and theatrics make up an interesting conversation.



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