Sep. 20th, 2008

rxelyn: (distracted tesshi)

Lol, my interests tend to rotate. In a circular fashion.

Back back back in those days, I adored epic fantasy novels, devoured dictionaries for fun, obsessed with learning latin/french/welsh and listened to radio for mainstream pop. And secretly wished I was a goth. Or at least creepy.

Back back in those days, I changed my taste, read a wider range of fiction, from fantasy to crime thrillers to general fiction, no longer interested in learning proper languages but slang for all sorts and styles and started my obsession for jrock, starting with x japan to dir en grey to miyavi to gazette and this in turn fuelled my love for jfashion and -

basically, I just wanted to say that after a little virtual stroll around sgcafe, my interest in egl and whatnots has been revived and now I really want to own my own dollfie. Unlike previously where I'm just content to look at other people's galleries and envy their lovely children and secretly die a little inside. Haha. Nah. More like plotting bank heists so that I can afford one of my own. XD




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