Sep. 26th, 2008

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... It's been years since I last listened to Elvendrums. And surprisingly I could still recall the exact words and tunes. :D Haha. Random fact of the day.

While promos are ended, another chapter of horror is beginning. Ahem. PW. From what I scanned of the post-promo timetable, it's jam-packed with everything pw related. Am so not looking forward to it.

Went over to Chin Ming's place just now to give her an early birthday surprise XD And I think she was surprised, haha. But the pictures that we took of her were bad... >.> Show your face moar!! Her hair basically dominated every picture that she was in. And now I owe Amirah money for her present, converse shoes. I wanna get a new pair of converses too. XD Okay, I know I have a pair at home now... but but you can't ever have too much shoes, right?! Lol.

So after that, Aishah, Amirah and I headed to town. We wanted to catch the 7pm's Kurosagi at Cineleisure. But... thanks to the long bus ride (stupid traffic) we couldn't make it in time.. ended up breaking fast with them at Burger King and we shopped around at HMV and Heeren basically. Damn. I want to go shopping! RAWR!

Saw this really cute hoodie and  vest at 77th Street... and dress/tunic thing at Cotton On. And Aishah was suggesting that we get couple rings. And because couple rings are tacky, I suggested triplet rings by adding Ami in too as well. XD But we'll still getting matching scarves or other accessories for our bunnies, k? Haha.

Got home real late... and ended up not helping my mother record her drama... even though I promised to do so... oh well. But today was pretty fun; it's been ages since the clique got together.

omfg. >.< should I lop my hair off to something like a longish bob??! I'm afraid that I'll regret it later on... then it'll be too late... =_=
never mind. I shall just go and sleep now. Can think about this tomorow before making the chop. :D



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