Sep. 30th, 2008

rxelyn: (bleach ichigos)

Felix Castor returns to us in Mike Carey's second book in the series. Intense and edgy, it is a good read and I finished it in one shot because I was too impatient. The plot was tight, and loose ends were tied up, and there were quite a few unexpected twists even though some parts were a little predictable. But it's due to a variety of such techniques that keep readers reeled in.

In The Devil You Know, the world was relatively newish, and it has been widely expanded upon in Vicious Circle. The complex world was set out nicely with vivid descriptions, which somehow made the book seem like a graphic novel. I think that another factor that created the graphic novel feel was due to the jump of times. Throughout the book, I was unable to figure out just how much time had passed, not counting the times Felix passed out, of course, but as he goes around sleuthing, I find myself unable to tell how long exactly had he been on the case and such.

As for the book, the plot may seem relatively straightforward, and the banter between characters are pretty witty even though it may be a little expected after playing in the urban fantasy genre for quite some time. But still, I like it. The thing about this genre is that there are no entirely happy endings, innocents still get hurt and not everyone gets the ending that they deserve.

In short, if you can't wait for the next Dresden book, or you need something even harder than a shot of Dresden, take Castor.

XD. Bad commercial tag line? Haha.



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