Oct. 4th, 2008

rxelyn: (meaningless)

from left: TengNeung, Leo, Mouse, James

Thai boy band, Blood of Youth (B.O.Y for short) XD. I'm such a shallow bitch. But they are so cute! :DDD
Their music is decent normal pop, nothing too exceptional, but also not too shoddy.
Their music range from light ballads to fast poppy tracks but nothing over the top.
this is sort of my first forage into Thai music scene, I think...
their english is also quite good actually, I think it's thanks to James who graduated from an english school and is actually half-british.
and Leo's half-french. ... is jealous of their heritage. Haha. Only a bit.
The Thai language is completely foreign to me; so there are times where I think I'm hearing like random pieces of chinese or japanese. >.>
total fail. But I think the language looks really pretty when in written form.
und um ja. I think I'm done introducing them?

kekeke, I like Mouse the most! He's the shortest, but also the cutest XD
and he's my age too. haha, no, that has nothing to do with it.
I think out of the 10 tracks on their debut album, B.O.Y, Tah Hak Mai Keuy Jeb and Bun-ya-kard Dee Dee sound the nicest.
Huh. The release date was on 26/7/2008. That's quite recent. Lol.
But I'm pretty sure that they are well received... judging from the no of downloads.

of course, they look pretty and all, but tokio hotel still ranks top for prettiest band. :)
was binging on tokio hotel tv these two days. Learned a few new german words and am so trying to incorporate them into my speech.
How ganz is that? Lol.
I think I need to get a life.

oh, and I might be checking out some new chinese music.
might be good to expand my genres



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