Oct. 9th, 2008

rxelyn: (writing)
Haha, saw this from Gala Darling. Was tempted to have a little fun. XD Cos I always wanted to be a guy! kekeke (omg, act cute!)

If I was a guy, I'll definitely dyed my hair blond and have black streaks... Definitely have piercings, on the lip and the ears. And tattoos, on my wrist and nape of the neck and maybe the legs. Maybe from a well off family, with mob connections! XDDD Or the heir of some large company of which he is rebelling from.

On the outside, I'll be totally manly; drinking till my liver shrivels up and dies, cursing and swearing up a storm, perpetually sporting some sort of an injury after a bloody fight.
But deep within, will be an innate poet who longs to find somewhere to belong. Will probably date girls just because they look good and end up getting bitch slapped within an inch of my life. Haha. But secretly I'll fall in love with that quirky girl that I see everyday on the bus who always forgets her things behind on the bus unless reminded. But she'll already have a boyfriend who's a decade older than her and some company director.

Take very random courses in university that will not aid me in any future careers, like... degree in philosophy? Or Art History. Or film studies. And most likely end up as a writer whose shot to fame will be a random book that I wrote on a whim. Instead, books that are masterfully created are ignored. Because the rest of the world is too plebian to understand my genius. :D

Must have a wide range of clothing in my wardrobe, ranging from casual to formal, elegant gothic aristocrat to prep wear. My main form of exercise would be going downstairs to buy a pack of cigarettes and most likely walking to the toilet after passing out drunk on my bed after a night of excessive partying. I would totally have a swanky pad in some penthouse in places like New York City or London. Or Seattle. It'll be tastefully decorated with shades of green, black and white. With minimalistic or Roroco/Victorian influenced furniture. I'll have loud music blaring, but no one will complain because I'm too effing cool. XD, not really. I'm not that nasty. They'll just be too blown away by my famous author status.

And my name will most likely be something like... Sebastien Winchester the IV. Like, totally. :D

sort of character building? Only for myself.



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