Oct. 21st, 2008

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... is this bad karma for wishing ill of people?

bah. stuffed up nose
and a 6 time streak
of sneezing, someone
please pass me an award.

teary eyes   from shooting out my
brains      through my nose.

hoarse voice from a scratchy throat
yet I still hear the
flow of water going down
my abused throat.
gulp      gulp    gulp

stuck phlegm   
can't reply but can still move
away from a nagging voice
over the cacophony of my own
symphony of sneezes.

The symptoms are clear. Am sick. And it's always the same illness. Having lived up to this grand old age of 17, wouldn't it be reasonable to have gained some freaking immunity from colds?! Gah. I hate colds. I can predict the next few days or even weeks to be hell. A cold can last up to three months or more for me. =_= I'd rather have a fever instead. At least that gives me a valid reason to stay away from school. Anyway, I suspect my downfall to be caused by lack of sleep and insufficent amount of water as well as the weather, just because.

Life these past few days have been revolving around PW and OP rehearsals. And I conclude that I WOULD MAKE A LOUSY COMPANY EMPLOYEE. My skills at powerpoint are abysmal, I cannot present audibly or keep proper eye contact. And writing reports just make me hurl.

Went over to Kino this afternoon and bought Murakami's Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World as well as The Ingenious Edgar Jones by Elizabeth Garner. Yeah, I did complete Hardboiled but there were just some parts at the end that I couldn't fully comprehend. Hence, I shall keep a copy in which I will make sure I get it in the end. Or die trying. Haha. Hero was out of stock... and I placed an order for it... but I'm regretting now! It's 36 bucks plus for the hard cover version! And I don't really want the hard cover copy! ... Think I need to go cancel my order... before the book arrives and they make me pay for it! Think

Piano lesson went well today too :D My teacher wanted to teach me Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu, Op 66 after the piano exams next March. Let's hope that I'll make it this time round. Just so that I can graduate from Mozart's Sonata in F, K332, 1st Movement. And the scales, of course. Normally, I could have learnt the piece on my own... but this... just scares me. So much running notes, and insane coordinations between hands. I cannot even do triplets and quavers together satisfactorily. Let alone more complex formations. Speed isn't the problem, cross rhythms just kills me. I have NO rhythm sense. Serious.
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Gooding EVENING from TOKYO! (not the hotel… to whom I have charitably donated all of my lifetime achievement awards gratefully, girl needs to be able to afford lifetime of gel… help her out with that)
- quoted from her blog

wow, Katy Perry. Real mature.
... The inner bitch in me just wanna tell you this:
1. You'll never be as gorgeous as Bill is.
2. Honey, he has won so much more awards then you. I don't think you're in any position to be snide.
3. It's sad that you don't even match up to a guy in terms of beauty and hence have to resort to calling him a girl just to soothe your trampled ego.

Well, since we're on the topic of Katy-bashing, shall I just comment on her songs?
The lyrics to her songs are just dumb. Very dumb and ridiculous. No, I can't say that she's bashing gays or homophobic.
what, lesbian relationships don't exist?
Girls kissing girls are just an attempt to get guys?
like wtf? being gay isn't a trend or a way to impress people.

You know what, Katy?
Freddy Mercury is doing cartwheels in his grave.




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