Nov. 5th, 2008

rxelyn: (distracted tesshi)
Lux Aeterna makes everything sound epic, even walking down the street. Seriously, I had it blasting on my earphones and suddenly felt a pompous sense of grandeur, like... I'm some important quest or what not.

Anyway, spent an entire afternoon proving to the world just how indecisive I can be. Yes, I was at Kino. Yes, I wanted to buy a lot of stuff. In the end, I got Machiavelli's The Prince and Perry Moore's Hero (paperback version even though kino was supposed to order the hardcover one for me. If they call, I'm just gonna act dumb. Heh.) Was going to buy this book called How to Be Idle. But... my brain decided to be rational for once, it asked me whether I really need to be more idle. I think I'll never accomplish anything then.

Random decision: I want my bookshelves to be as extensive as this!

Had random luck today, it stopped raining as I reached Orchard which was good because I don't ever bring umbrellas. I managed to find the books I wanted. And my bus came right after I reached the bus stop. :D Seems like someone up there likes me today.



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