Nov. 20th, 2008

rxelyn: (aoi thumbs up)
Okay. So you guys who know me long enough know that my computer has crashed like tons of times. Millions even, going on to set a world record. Yada yada. So every time it happens, I end up losing my digital stuff. Yeah. So erm. I'm trying to get them back now. Lol. A little late, but yeah, my old hard disks died on me.

Basically what I'm trying to get is that if you guys are browsing the internet out there, mind keeping an eye out for any Patrick Wolf songs? Cos I can't really find them (other than on sendspace which is a bitch to download from because it won't work) Yeah. And if anyone is going overseas, help me buy them? :D Lol. How shameless of me. XD



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