Nov. 23rd, 2008

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... Although I did say that siglap sessions are over... I still went back today for the vocal consort caroling practices. It was pretty fun, I guess, since the songs were the same for AJ's own caroling sessions. And the sound produced was also brilliant, though I'm not too sure whether it's due to the acoustics of the room.

Yeah. So I apparently missed the anime convention. A wound that Aishah and my brother and Min Jie rubbed salt on to. Okay, I wasn't really that pissed about it, I mean, it's not as if there was really something that I wanted to see. Or buy. Oh well. the thongs of people would be annoying too.

Had dinner over at my aunt's place and saw my newly returned cousin as well as my new nephew. Nothing very interesting and dinner actually sucked. I really prefer my mother's cooking.

And the flu is getting worse, I think a fever's developing from the way the creatures are pounding in my head to get out. D:



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