Dec. 27th, 2008

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Just got back about half an hour or so from the party with some of the vocal consort people. :D Even though I don't really know them exactly, it was still pretty fun.

Reached there super early, thinking that they needed help with the cooking and whatsoever, Lol, and ended up poking hot dogs and cucumbers on tiny toothpicks. (ended up eating a few of them as well, haha) Anyway, watched a whole lot of tv shows today, from Smallville to Ellen to animal videos to Snow Dogs to this chinese show at 9pm to Iljimae. Yeah, a lot of tv. My eyes were exhausted.

The food was good, and were cooked by Sam and his girlfriend, who may be the result when it's edible? Lol, nah, not surprising for people to be able to cook, although I have no skills in the kitchen at all. (I can't even tell the difference between cabbage and lettuce! Which M and Yoke Cheng pointed out to me earlier when we were peeling vegetables for the hamburger fillings. Epic fail, I tell you.)

The gift exchange got me a box of caramel sweets :D And to whoever who got the aromatherapy set, well, I hope it's useful? Haha. I'm bad at coming with gifts last minute. Next time, if I ever have to give gifts, I shall plan in advance or something. (utter lie)

Gah. Am exhausted. Shall now head to my lovely lovely bed. :D

Oh and... before we left for home... they made us endure torture of the worst sort. Here it is. In its full glory, I present bad singing to the power of infinity. Not recommended for pregnant women, the elderly, small children (in case of nightmares), people with weak hearts. Oh and people who have perfect pitch. They might end up killing themselves immediately.




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