Dec. 28th, 2008

rxelyn: (epic fail)
Evidence that my mother belongs in the 1950s and has never left that era.

1. She complains that my room is so fucking untidy and that even guys have cleaner rooms and moans to heaven that why she has gotten such a lazy daughter.
Oh so guys have a monopoly on mess, is it? Isn't that just interesting to know, considering that I live with two elder brothers who probably have as much clutter as I do. >.> And you don't hear her yelling to them about it. Gender equality has apparently never seen our house.

2. She yells at me for sleeping late and waking up late and hence wasting away the entire day while my second brother is still snoring away in bed having only slept at like what? 3 or 4 am? And usually my eldest brother would be sitting before his computer, gaming away on FFXI or something.
Screw whatever I said about gender equality before. She wouldn't even know it if it danced before her stark naked and hit her upside the head for good measure.

3. She demands (mostly to herself) why she has gotten such a lazy daughter whereas her friends' daughters are all so hardworking, studying hard to get scholarships, helping out with chores.
So now we have some sort of a factory outlet for daughters? Like, you can waltz into the factory and expect all of them to be mass produced and therefore exact copies of each other? Well, maybe it's your fault that I'm so insert-whatever-derogatory-adjectives because when I was younger and much more susceptible to brainwashing, you didn't take the opportunity to turn me into your obedient mindless slave.

4. Threatens to wipe out my bank account whenever the topic of failing my piano exams comes up.
I'm pretty sure that has got to be illegal somewhere, because being someone's parents doesn't mean that they can steal their children's money without express permission from both parties considering that both parties are intelligent enough to protest the theft. Is being legal 18 or 21 in Singapore in terms of money issues? Because it really really really irks me to be threatened in my own home.

There's so much more I would like to retort to her except that I'm much too nice to bring out the grenades and rocket launchers. But one of these days, I might just blow up and end up saying too much that I will regret later on because I may fight dirty during the heat of the battle, but after that is fair game.

EDIT: luckily my brother is back with his girlfriend, meaning that she probably won't snap at me currently because she hates losing face before company.



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