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A few years late, but I finally decided to get onto the Supernatural bandwagon. :D It is awesome enough, there's snark, blood and gore, mystery, horrible unresolved angsty pasts, paranormal creatures written with a lot of artistic license, and the possibly of Wincest. XD Okay, I'm one sick kid, don't worry too much about that.

Also, I received a Dreamwidth invite code, so I'm located over here as well, at least, once I finished importing my old stuff over. But I think that I'll mainly post about fandom related stuff? That I'm pretty sure people aren't interested in, haha.

In other news, a whole bunch of relatives have made their way to my house, and are stealingz my silence. Not good, yo. (if I weren't so lazy, I'll have dug out some leverage macros because Hardison makes the best kind of expressions. XD) Yeah, my nephew is one annoying prat, crying and crying and crying, which of course makes his mother all worried and stuff because the whole family of theirs is currently undergoing chickenpox, or have just recently recovered. >.> I'm pretty glad that I'm immune to a certain extent... Anyway, they are currently out in the living room looking at travel pictures from when my mother and the aunts went to Shanghai, etc.

Tomorrow is another loooong trip to the other side of the island, but let's face it, it's really really the last time I'll be going there. Maybe I'll make a trip to town to pick up some books, have added more stuff onto the to-buy list, not that I have much money to be buying books now...

Think I'm going to head back into watching Supernatural now...

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