Feb. 1st, 2009

rxelyn: (O RLY?)
you're spending all the money you've saved
the subway home x casiotone for the painfully alone

Haha, okay, this is an exaggeration because I didn't really lose, but I still felt that my luck was shitty. Oh well, tomorrow's a new day and all that, maybe my luck will have changed? Lol. :D Still haven't finished my homework, cos I went out on Friday and Saturday as well. And of course, today too, to Min Jie's place which is damn far, but luckily Sharon and I caught a ride from Hong Zhi's car so not that bad.

Borrowed The Lies of Locke Lamora from Jurong Library before meeting up with Sharon and Angela who were both late even though I was late too, haha. Then from Min Jie, I borrowed Good Omens and One Silent Night even though I still haven't finished White Tiger and all the other library books. Also booked the practice studio for exam and it was a freaking 40 bucks for an hour... ouch.

Broke. Or at least on my way.



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