Apr. 13th, 2009

rxelyn: (writing)
title: Caprice No. 24 in A minor
universe: capriccio
type: character study
pairing: mentions of Xavier/Del
notes: eh... did some writing in between lessons... here's a character study of Del, a previous star of two random drabbles. His counterpart was originally named Seth, but is now changed to Xavier. Because I have another plot bunny in which Seth is a more appropriate name due to the meaning that I gathered from here. Yeah... not really finished but I'm sort of feeling a little tired of these two, considering that their story is actually saccharine sweet and I really don't have much plot for them... as opposed to my epic!demons!gods!Sanguine and the newest one involving fallen angels!intrigue!blasphemy! but still titleless, haha.

your light is ultraviolet? )
Hmm... I'll come back to this later... I guess.



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