Apr. 28th, 2009

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minute details of my life:

  • 20:43 is seeing the appeal of Super Junior. (delving into Kpop?)
  • 23:07 waking up early - not my thing. >.>
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So I'm supposed to be doing my GP essay outline, (and perhaps literature p4 essay and history tutorial outline too, but that's another can of worms that I don't want to unleash to the world.) but as usual, got sidetracked. >.> Loooow efficiency. I'm so glad that Friday is a public holiday... can finally catch up on my sleep... but until then, I still need to endure two more days of school..

title: one
universe: glass
type: chapter
pairing: none, as sort yet
notes: eh... this story is supposed to be a spinoff from Sanguine... set in the same universe, with overlapping characters. But the giant epicness of Sanguine means that it's not done yet. So. I'm not that sure how the overlapping characters can be properly explained without messing up the flow. Also, this is written in 1st POV, so there will be things that aren't 'properly explained' because they are not subject to the narrator's knowledge, instead, it follows strictly to the narrator's thought streams, which means that a lot of my own personal voice would come through... heh.

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