May. 15th, 2009

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Argh, literature essay due tomorrow.

I am so going to be slaughtered... I'm still stuck on the bloody first paragraph, and I'm darn sleepy already... >.>

Some things that I want to post:
- a Roy/Ed ship manifesto + personal recs for future references
- Wolverine review
- VJ concert review
- Sanguine chapter

... D: I don't get what's wrong with the thing... I mean... why cannot detect?!
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While Stajeworks' Spotlights and Lanterns had a script that consisted of cliched themes and mundane situations, the actors did brilliantly in their respectively roles in portraying the feelings and quirks of the characters.

I didn't really like the first story, in which a top student killed himself from parental pressure, or at least that was what everyone seemed to think. Instead, it might have been the words of his friend that drove him to the edge. While I felt that the use of staging was good, the dialogue and the emotions that they actors were trying to portray wasn't overly convincing... The mother-son relationship was disappointing, in the sense that I didn't feel the mother's remorse or guilt when she realized that her son's death may be caused by her. And the friend's expression of jealousy and disbelief was... a bit bland. The second story, which was basically a conversation held in a supermarket, was quite funny, but... I didn't really like it all that much, there a bit of... suspended disbelief, in the sense that, would two completely random stranger strike up a conversation that had intimate topics... I liked the third story, the use of lighting and the characters were very effective in depicting the relationship between grandmother and grandson. The longest story was also the last, in which the main character wonders whether it really possible to live life according to her own values or would the real world suppressed her feelings.



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