Apr. 23rd, 2008

rxelyn: (meaningless)
There is something about economics lectures that cannot fail to put me to sleep. Must be the air, or the manifestation of Morpheus. But anyway, as soon as I step into the auditorium, whip out my books and my mind starts to drift slowly, slowly, slowly into the Land of Dreams.

apparently I cannot spell 'asleep' when I'm half asleep.

No. of times I pinched myself to keep awake: 10
No. of times I actually dozed off: 4
Conclusion: Pinching doesn't work. >.>

We learned the choreography for the JC1 song, 'Sixteen Going on Seventeen'. The IC, Zhongyi was pretty pissed at us because we weren't exactly cooperating well. And it was damn hard to remember all the little steps here and there because there were just too many actions.
I'm not well known for my dancing skills. Just merely the lack of them.

At first, I was paired with Sean, yes the one from Kranji. So I was learning the girl version of the actions. Midway through as we had an interruption for College Day tag run, he asked if he could switched partners. And of course, being the very gracious and kind person that I am, how could I say no when he wants to dance with his girlfriend? Yeah, so I swopped with Crystal and found that I had to learn the guy version instead because Crystal's original partner was a girl. >.> The major bad thing? My partner's a soprano. And with my wonky grasp of the song... yeah. Please, can you just imagine? I'll just be swerving over to the soprano line... that's what you get for wandering into soprano territory.

And I miss being a soprano, damnit. Even though alto's pretty fun too.  It helps with my grade 8 aural exam actually. Maybe this is the universe's way of helping me prepare for my upcoming exam. It's going to be some time in July to September. Please let it be it September because I'm grossly unprepared and will die a terrible death at the hands of my teacher and of course the parental figures.



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