May. 6th, 2008

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I passed NAPFA

Luckily for me, I guess. This is the year that I passed my standing broad jump without hitting up to 10 attempts, thanks to the nicer teacher who let me re-try even though I failed the first two times. And helped me to pass. But some of the teachers were just so ANAL. I mean, why can't the others who failed some stations re-try them? And Helen who had done like 59 sit ups, had more than half of them disqualified because she didn't do it exactly and all... why couldn't the teacher stopped her there and then and tell her about it instead of after the attempt?! And another girl had like done 32, and was waiting for the time to end when the teacher told her after the attempt that 3 of her sit ups were disqualified. I mean, if you told her early, she could have redone more and have gotten her A... So annoying.



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