Sep. 8th, 2008

rxelyn: (omgyay!)

Tokio Hotel won BEST NEW ARTIST at the VMAs! XDDD Even though the stupid newspaper here didn't bother announcing, and continued to blow up pictures of Britney Spears and dedicate a tiny portion to Linkin Park.
D< But whatever, I know the newspapers here don't have much music exposure.

:D They came in a freaking tank! How grand can their entrance be!

No one can beat this entrance. No one. Unless they come in a helicopter and skydive to the stage. Lol.
maybe TH can do this next time.

But one thing that sort of pissed me off was the fact that they won Best New Artist. >.>
how goddamn ironic.
because Tokio Hotel was founded in 2001. That's like 7 freaking years.
And if we wanted to be picky, their first album was in 2005. So they were at least in the scene for 3 years.
Just because they weren't playing it up in US doesn't really make them a new artist, ya know. >.>
Oh well. At least they're breaking into the market now...

Shiney trophy! Wee~!

BILL: Ja, I would like to thank mai fans for voting for TH
TOM: *mimicks Bill*
GEORG: must look good for the ladies :D
GUS: How long more is this speech going to take? Oh right, this is Bill we're talking about.


ya need to smile more, pretty boy! :D

:) See, you look damn fine.
And speak up more, Bill doesn't have to dominate the interviews all the time
We wanna hear you too!

images yanked from [ profile] th_cult  XDDD because that's what I always do.



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