Sep. 13th, 2008

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... I think I need an icon for book reviews XD

Just done with Patricia Briggs' Moon Called.

It was pretty interesting, nothing too ground breaking, but still a good read. Most urban fantasy books are like that. Especially the first book or so.

Our main character is certainly unique, she's a walker, which is basically a shapeshifter that seems to have its roots in Native American tradition. Quite different from your run of a mill job, like vampire, werewolf, necromancer, wizard. The action within the story seems a little weak, and there were some parts that were pretty dull, but Patricia Briggs has set up several plot threads in just this book, and I'm pretty tempted to go hunt down the other two books tomorrow when I 'mug' at the library.

Mercy Thompson seems to be just like your other ass-kicking, mouthy defiant female leads. Which is a bit cliche. But when you're writing an urban fantasy with a female as your main heroine, she's usually got to be stereotyped as one of those fierce, independent woman who isn't afraid of playing with the big boys. On the other hand, I can like name you at least five of such characters, which makes it a little boring after a while. There's Anita Blake (Laurell K. Hamiliton's poster girl for fierce female leads), Buffy (Joss Whedon most likely started this entire shindig.) Dante Valentine (Lilith Saintcrow's. But she does seem quite vulnerable after losing Japhrimel) Joanne, Weather Warden (Rachel Caine's. Not much details since I stopped around the first book) And the list goes on.

Sadly, we don't have enough kickass male leads. There's Harry Dresden, Felix Castor, John Taylor... and I think that's all. =_= Bah. Generally, not to be sexist or what, but I find that the books with these male leads are more intruiging. Most likely due to the fact that they concentrate more on the damn plot. Rather than the subtle romantic tension.

And now... back to pretending to do work while I drink tea and surf the net.
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Stolen randomly because I'm bored. XD

Was watching this taiwanese variety show... but it has got boring. >.>



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