Sep. 23rd, 2008

rxelyn: (undone work)

I wonder how you say

“Sorry that I haven’t been studying”

in Chinese.

awwww.. i havent bin studyin' AT ALL...

But I’ve been doing my best with English 。、。、。、


How’s it going for everyone??

People who love studying, people who hate studying,

Even I’m doing it, so let’s do it together.

u can do it for sure!!


That said, I’m going to go play guitar for a bit.

I’ll inform all of you too, when it’s finished.

XD Well. Since even motivational speeches have come out from MYV-sama. I suppose I really got to get my arse cracking and start revising proper. Lazed the entire afternoon away watching Vampire Host. It's a corny vampire jdrama. But still got me hooked. I mean, vampires? Kekekeke. And the fact that Matsuda Satoshi looked pretty hot in his role was another factor as well. Heh.

tada. ignore the corniness :D

So, Vampire Host is about Rion who meets Suou the vampire while hunting for her missing friend. After that meeting, both lives were changed. Something will happen in every episode, either a werewolf turns up or there is a strange murder that takes place. And usually these incidents will affect customers from Suou's workplace, aka the host club, hence in the end, the two of them will investigate the mystery. Other than Suou's corny transformation scene (who does he thinks he is? Sailor Moon?) and the randomness of the plot... erm. I don't know how to continue this sales pitch. XD



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