Mar. 7th, 2009

rxelyn: (epic fail)
... argh, got my hair cut on a whim, because it was getting too long and limp... overall very sad looking. But... instead the situation got worse. Gah. I sort of told the hairdresser that I wanted to lop off like 3 inches and trim my fringe, and yeah, I think he got too enthusiastic that he extended my 'slope' fringe to the typical cheena looking fringe that every other girl is currently spotting. =_= I should have stopped him, except that I was too busy drifting off thanks to the wonderful massage from when the woman washed my hair earlier... lol, it's really nice when people are blow drying your hair and combing it for you... that I almost dozed off in my seat. Which ultimately led to this epic failure of a hair. Oh well, my mother laughed at me, and I'm glad that my brothers aren't at home to see because they will laugh too, as I always laugh at their own haircuts. At least it's just hair... and given enough time, it'll grow back properly, I hope... the one good thing is that my hair sort of look straighter than before, since I chopped off the sad looking ends that were splitting or something.



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