Mar. 15th, 2009

rxelyn: (meaningless)

ah, I'm such a terrible fan... finally decided to buy AFI's Sing the Sorrow from Borders after realizing that HMV is too overpriced... yeah, I'm dumb, so sue me. Actually, I should have held out until I got the UK edition because I still don't have 'Now the World'... I used to have it but my computer crashed... anyone has it?

I don't get why people don't like this album of theirs because I've seen so many theories concerning this album all over the net, especially when it first came out, back in the days in which I was still a brat getting a dollar a day as 'salary', aka too poor to afford the album unless I starve for a month or so.

going away to camp over at school... =_= I'm not exactly looking forward to it because I'm an extremely lazy person who craves the ease and comfort of staying at home. Dumping me with a bunch of enthusiastic people is certainly not my idea of fun, and then there's all the heavy things to lug around... *headdesk*

there's still the sl project thing looming at the back of my mind, as well as aj idol practices and choir related stuff and of course, homework. Excellent ways to spend a supposedly free week. And I've made some plans with other people that I'm currently feeling terribly confused over... so, I'm to meet Mandy and Jasmine on Saturday, right? Or did I set that date off for Faza already? When can I squeeze out time to go watch movie with Sharon? Argh. I need to be more organized, Kim, you ought to be gotten me an organizer too! XD
okay, going off to sleep since rambling on and on isn't going to make anything any better...



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