Mar. 21st, 2009

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was trying to do homework but got distracted by youtube and shiney videos. Finally remembered to watch SuJu's Sorry Sorry MV and live performance, which was surprisingly good. I normally don't like boybands. And Adam Lambert's take on Ring of Fire. Now, I'm not a fan of country music or American Idol in general because country isn't my genre and AI... is also not my thing. But, but I definitely like this version; something very exotic sounding, reminds me of snakes and gold, and Egyptian myths... Haha, I only listened because I was sort of... annoyed with Yongzhen and Sara discussing AI over my head cause I was sitting in between them. Yes. Very lame reason.

and there were some who felt that Lambert's take on the song is highly similar to Dilana's, who has an awesome sounding voice too. I sort of like the husky, dark sounding voices as compared to those which are brighter.

but anyway, this totally makes me feel like watching American Idol, at least just to watch how far this guy can go.

I don't know why I'm still awake since I have to wake up early to meet Mandy and Jasmine tomorrow. Lol. Today has been tiring; waking up at about 5 plus in the freaking morning, running after small kids at Fort Canning for SL, rushing here and there for choir exchange at VJC, and hurrying back to Novena to meet Jia Li and Jonathon for practice session and finally trudging home listening to Dragonforce feeling very weary, weighed down by the thoughts of homework and my lack of revision. So screwed, I tell you, when the day comes that I start panicking over my studies... the end of the world has got to be coming soon.
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Had an interesting day out with Mandy and Jasmine... in which we talked about random crap, things from our shared past: annoying classmates, mutual friends and old teachers, then we moved onto more serious topics, like family issues, religion, even ghosts. Haha, it's really cool that people can just easily talk and open up to each other even though we haven't met up or even spoken for ages. (my last meeting with Jasmine was 5 years ago... back when we were immature, silly kids. Not that we changed much, lol.)

Currently taking a break from my stupid history essay (I still have 46 newspaper articles, an econ essay and a literature essay. OMFG!!) even though I haven't been very efficient... since I began work at 8. Doing homework while watching tv shows is never efficient, since most of the time I end up watching the show more than concentrating on the work waiting to be completed. I can never really resist martial arts shows, haha.

There's like a lot of things buzzing at the back of my mind... but I really just can't be bothered much. Don't think I'll be able to sleep early tonight... since there's quite a lot that I need to finish up. I feel like starting to write fiction again... as a form of self therapy, using fictious characters to vent out everything that I feel.

Think I'm going off tangent on whatever subject I'm talking about... I'm tired, but I can't go to sleep yet due to piled up work from before, and I need to wake up early tomorrow. Think I'm most likely not going to sleep tonight or something. Tsk... I don't even know what I'm talking about here!


Mar. 21st, 2009 11:26 pm
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urgh, just puked up a perfectly decent dinner, but feels like there's still a lot of 'air' in my stomach or something. finally knew why my mind was like so disorganized... yes, am sick. -.- Had a catnap after my last post... even though history essaywas still balf written and got other stuff to do. Think I might just not go for tomorrow's practice... argh, see first lah. Maybe I'll be better by then since I still need to finish all the other work and school's reopening. Think Mr Kwei would also kill me if I get sick and lose my voice, it's a bit hoarse but nothing too serious, I think.

And it's really unfortunate that the toilet light died last night... ended up bathing in the dark just now. Pretty scary experience. And very cold, cos I didn't fully close the door. Luckily no one else at home... or else damn weird. Kind of misse d my mother now... haha, I'm so unfillial. Only missing her cos I'm sick. Gah.



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