Apr. 22nd, 2009

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minute details of my life:

  • 20:48 thinks she flunked the bloody math test. But who cares, really.
  • 22:43 isn't some machine churning out stories, you know...
  • 22:44 is waiting for her brother to stop hogging the bathroom so that she can brush her teeth and go sleep. What history test?
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NEWS never fails to amuse me. <3 Been a bad fan lately, until I recently read [profile] peroxide_fic 's take on how they filmed this MV. Which was completely ridiculously trufax. XD And this totally proves Mr Ang's theory, that it is usually the girls who are obsessed with fanfiction. Haha.

history test today was just epic fail, I realised that I am frankly not a genius or even good at retaining information on a most basic level.
and seriously, cough medicine makes me really drowsy. And it tastes so suspicious, I don't understand why there are people who are addicted to it. o_O

plowed through 2/3 of Dance Dance Dance today as well. Murakami's the kind of writer in which I either just stop reading and don't go back to it, or he immerses me within the story that I just don't want it to end, and I start to see intertextuality in his other works. On the other hand, Gaiman's the kind that I either love or hate. I adored his novels and the Sandman series, but till now, I still can't finish his short stories.

coughing has also gotten worse... I am not going to relish being asked to sing in quartet tomorrow, given the lousy quality of my voice... it's hardly here nor there. Mr Kwei will most likely shout at us... and tear up our scores. >.> And I'm not even sure whether I'm joking or being serious. More of the latter, I guess, since Monday's practice was apparently intimidating... Gah

Alright. Heading off to my bed now, even though I suppose there is work to be done.



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