Apr. 13th, 2008

rxelyn: (TH twins <3)
everyone decided to abandon me
abandon me and leave to fly far
far far and far away and I
find myself starving for
mental physical spiritual

Haha, random poem thought up on the spur of the moment. Rawr! Waiting for the damn microwave to cook my food. Hurry up. Biatch. Lol. Okay, hunger is getting to me like nothing else. I'm losing brain cells.

the innocent looking can of soup which was to be my dinner.

but it desperately didn't want to be eaten. hence it defied the very wicked looking can opener.

very unfortunately, the dangerous looking can opener was merely a WIMP and it died.
R.I.P, well at least until someone comes home to fix you.

this was the tiny tiny hole made by the can opener before it died.

... and I couldn't find the other can opener. and I was starving. hence I wanted to wait no more.
because I am an arts student, lol. I ish creative. therefore...

the murder weapon. I mean the reason why I got the damned soup out of the can.
yes... I basically just just the fork to pry the lid up a little higher so the liquid can pour out.
luckily it was just liquid without any of those troublesome mushrooms or potatoes or whatever you have.

my dinner: blood. cough. I mean tomato soup, yeah. it's really tomato soup.
before it was microwaved of course, hence the fork still swimming in the pot thing.
seriously, what do you call that container?

okay. I am sorry for being so lame. I don't know what has gotten into me apart from the hunger.
yes, I'm such a spoiled and pampered noob. haha.



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