Jun. 26th, 2008

rxelyn: (meaningless)
Finally, the exams are over.

Made up crap for my history paper, tried to be as vague as possible without showing my lack of content, tried to be as long winded as possible, etc. Anyway, it's over.

Then after that, went all the way to Expo with Min Jie an Sherilyn for the book fair. Bought three books, Day Watch, and two non fiction books. I wanted to buy more, but... budget was tight... even though the prices were marked down already. And also considering how cramp my room is, I can't afford to buy tons of books and find no place to house them.

Finished the Sherrilyn Kenyon book, Dream Chaser which was pretty decent, very action packed and bitchy soap-opera-but-powerful-enough-to-kick-your-ass gods. But it sort of irks me that everyone in there looks like a supermodel or something. Blah, it makes me feel bad about myself, you know. Haha, not really. But I like all the fantasical creatures that roam in her book, as well as the made up legends.



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