Oct. 2nd, 2008

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... Just woke up after getting back from east coast park and after all that washing up etc. Gah. Tousled hair and sullen expression. I still feel sleepy. =_= What, getting old already?

Woke up at some ungodly hour. Okay, not exactly. But it was before dawn, and no one else was awake. It was an entire hour before my usual time. Yeah. And apparently just to travel all the way across this island to build sandcastles which apparently aid in building your character. Of course, I can just feel my character level up. Ooh, bad pun. Haha.

It wasn't all that bad, had fun with the class, but damn, does the blisters hurt when they're in contact with the sea water. Had a morbid image of the wounds getting infected and me ending up with amputated limbs! D: Which is like... impossible. So my mind is just... gross. >.> Right, moving on. I think everyone did a brilliant job today, at least everything looked like whatever they're supposed to be and even if they didn't, we probably just closed an eye to ignore it. After all, why hurt our feelings? Okay, this line sounds lamer and funnier in chinese. But whatever.

... I ramble incoherently when I just wake up. ... which makes me link to modernist writing? I think the great writers of that genre, Woolf, Joyce, Elliot, they just rolled in their graves. Heh.

She's nagging again. These are times I wish that I was deaf so I wouldn't need to hear her. And wish that she would just fucking get out of the house. Even though this is more her house than mine. ... Can't wait for the day that I move out. Omg, please.

And just not to end on a sour note, let me go binge on tokio hotel tv! XD



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